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Love it or hate it, iOS 7 is finally here, and if you go for one of the latest iPhones or update the firmware on your existing ones, you will have to deal with its brand new, flat UI each day. While Android will be getting KitKat, iOS has gone the way of Hello Kitty, according to some. Jokes apart, the new interface changes are not as bad as some people made them out to be when the first iOS 7 beta came out. In fact, the new UI is quite refreshing in most apps, and the revamped iconography as well as the overhauled lock screen have been received by many as welcome changes. In addition, the parallax effect and dynamic wallpapers are a sight to behold, too.


However, you might not be able to gauge the full array of changes just by taking a cursory tour of iOS 7. So, here is a complete list of all the significant UI changes that have arrived with the update, complete with side-by-side comparison screenshots of the same features on iOS 6 and iOS 7.

Home Screen

iOS 6 Home  iOS 7 Home

Lock Screen

Most changes on the lock screen are pretty obvious, but you might not notice that it is now possible to swipe to unlock to the Home screen even if there is a fresh notification there. In addition to that, you can also launch the Notification Center and Control Center from there.

iOS 6 Lockscreen  iOS 7 Lock Screen


Multiple pages can now be created within folders, meaning that you can put a lot of apps inside a single folder.

Folders iOS 6  iOS 7 Folder

Notification Center

iOS 6 NC  iOS 7 NC

App Switcher

App Switcher iOS 6  App Switcher iOS 7

Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search iOS 6  Spotlight Search iOS 7



Camera iOS 6  Camera iOS 7


Photos iOS 6  Photos iOS 7


You might not notice it straight away, but tapping the temperature on a city’s screen reveals additional information like humidity level, wind speed, and chances of rain.

Weather iOS 6  Weather iOS 7


Music iOS 6  Music iOS 7


Calendar iOS 6  Calendar iOS 7

Once you hit the back button in the stock Calendar app and exit the ‘Month’ view, it zooms out to reveal an overview of the entire year.
Calendar iOS 7 Year


Alarm iOS 6  Alarm iOS 7


Clock iOS 6  Clock iOS 7


Reminders iOS 6  Reminders iOS 7


Notes iOS 6  Notes iOS 7

Game Center

Game-Center-iOS-6__  Game Center iOS 7


Settings iOS 6Settings iOS 7

App Store

App Store iOS 6App Store iOS 7


Siri iOS 6Siri iOS 7


Stocks iOS 6Stocks iOS 7


Calculator iOS 6Calculator iOS 7


Phone iOS 6  iOS-7-Contacts-app_

Voice memo

Voice Memo iOS 6Voice Memo iOS 7


Newsstand iOS 6Newsstand iOS 7


Compass iOS 6Compass iOS 7

The Compass app now has two screens. The first one is not too different in functionality from the iOS 6 version, but the second screen displays a level meter that is pretty awesome, and shows the current degree of tilt in real-time both visually and as the tilt angle.

Compass iOS 7 Level


Mail iOS 6Mail iOS 7


Phone iOS 6Phone iOS 7


Messages iOS 6Messages iOS 7


Maps iOS 6Maps iOS 7

Although a majority of our readers voted against the iOS 7 redesign, there are some undeniable improvements in the update, too. I personally just adore the dynamic wallpapers and the new Weather app, though some of the icons just don’t suit my taste. Feel free to make use of the comments section to let us know what you think of the platform’s latest attempt at revamping itself.

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