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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss the official Xbox Music apps for Android and iOS, root for the Moto X, the official Simplenote app for Android, changing Start screen tile icons and labels in Windows 8 and a photo editor app for Chrome by Autodesk, among other excellent apps and tips.

Hands-On With The Official Xbox Music Apps For Android & iOS

Xbox Music Android Play  Xbox Music Android Options

With iTunes Radio right around the corner, other music streaming services are stepping up their game to gain as much ground as they can to entice new users. Microsoft recently expanded Xbox Music from, well, the Xbox and Windows 8 to Android and iOS to reach a wider audience. It’s worth checking out!

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How To Root Moto X, Motorola Droid Ultra, Mini & Maxx With MotoRoot

MotoRoot Motorola Android Root

If you base your Android smartphone buying decisions off whether said device is root-able or not, you’ll be interested to know that Motorola’s well-received ‘Moto X’, along with Verizon-branded Droid Ultra, Mini and Maxx, can be rooted with a new tool called ‘MotoRoot’.

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Simplenote Expands From iOS, Web To Include Android

Simplenote  Simplenote_Pin

There are so many basic note-taking apps with cloud syncing these days that it just gets hard to distinguish between them. If Evernote’s overwhelming list of features doesn’t strike your fancy, you should give Simplenote a try. Simple, hassle-free note-taking and syncing across iOS, web and now, Android.

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Pixlr Touch Up By Autodesk Is A Handy Offline Image Editor For Google Chrome


Google recently announced ‘Chrome Apps’: Chrome-powered apps powerful and fast enough to feel like native desktop apps. Among the first batch of apps – besides TweetDeck, Pocket, and Any.DO – is Pixlr Touch Up. It’s excellent for basic image editing – the sort that you go through before sharing it online on Facebook and Twitter.

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JARVIS For iOS Makes You Feel Like A Rich Superhero


Iron Man is one of the coolest comic book superheroes. Sure, he has a charming personality, and rugged good looks, but what really makes him what he is are his futuristic gadgets. One such gadget or piece of technology is JARVIS – his virtual personal assistant. Well, there’s now a JARVIS app available for iOS that tells you the weather, gives you reminders, and wakes you up in the morning.

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How To Change Start Screen Tile Icons And Labels In Windows 8

Best Apps, Tips And Tweaks Of The Week [09.16.2013]

For those who frequently find themselves in Windows 8′s Modern UI environment, we have a small tip on how to change tile labels and icons in Windows 8′s Start Screen.

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Share Photos, Notes & URLs Through Sound With Chirp For Android

Chirp 06  Chirp 05

Here’s an interesting idea: share files between smartphones using sound. Chirp works by sending out unique sound signals that the receiving smartphone deciphers and uses to download the file, and is now available on Android.

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Control Who Sees Your Facebook Posts With AVG PrivacyFix CrowdControl

Select Friends

AVG’s released a well-received app called ‘PrivacyFix’ for improving privacy on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They’re carrying on the momentum by launching another privacy management app with which you can manage which people see your posts on Facebook. Great for people who don’t want to dig deep into Facebook’s Privacy Settings, but still want nuanced privacy controls.

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Easily Tweak, Backup & Restore Different Volume Profiles On Windows With Nirsoft SoundVolumeView

Sound Profile

Nirsoft’s latest Windows utility focuses solely on sound. To be more specific, sounds coming from different apps and components of your system. You can see their dB value, min. volume, volume percentage, mute/unmute them, change other settings, and then backup and restore them. Very niche, but it might be useful for advanced power users.

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AquaSnap Adds Greater Control To Windows Snap, Shake, Aero Glass & More


I use it very regularly on Windows, so Aero Snap is one of the biggest things I miss when I temporarily switch to Ubuntu Linux for my Operating Systems class. If you’re also a big fan of the feature, and own a nice, big monitor, you should check out AquaSnap for extending Aero Snap, Shake, and Glass.

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Rhonna Designs Offers One Of The Most Complete Photo Editing Solutions On iOS

Rhonna Designs iOS Options  Rhonna Designs iOS Packs  Rhonna Designs iOS Text

High-quality image and photo-editing apps on iOS, there’s no shortage of them. Rhonna Designs is yet another high caliber app that deserves your attention.

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Espier Brings iOS 7 Home & Lock Screen To Android

Espier Launcher iOS7  11  Espier Screen Locker iOS7 04

Espier is known for their Android system apps that make your device look like something taken straight out of Cupertino. Their latest is a homescreen launcher that mimics the iOS 7 UI.

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Apply Live Voice Effects During Calls On iPhone With VoiceChanger

VoiceChanger iOS Effects

I absolutely love calling my own friends and family from new members, and changing my voice/tone to hear their surprised reaction. With VoiceChanger for jailbroken iOS devices, I won’t have to put in the physical effort to change my voice; the app will do that for me! Highly entertaining.

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Coast Is A Beautiful Yet Practical iPad Web Browser By Opera

Coast by Opera iPad Home

Because of the limitations set by Apple, browsers on iOS are really just (technically slower versions of) Safari with a different user interface, and extra features added on top. Coast by Opera is exclusively designed for the iPad, successfully employs swipe gestures for navigation, and uses Web of Trust for informing you which sites are trustworthy or not. Those bored by Safari’s vanilla looks will dig Coast.

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