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Apart from the Blackout tweak, not many developers really thought about making a lot of changes to the iPhone status bar prior to the release of iOS 6. When iOS 6 brought the chameleon bar to the mix, tweaks like WeatherBar, and Emphasize started showing up in the jailbreak store. The status bar is an area of the operating system that is rarely noticed, but that could perhaps be because you get a little too used to the way it looks. StatusColor is a new Cydia tweak that lets you easily change the bar’s color any time you want. Unlike other tweaks in the past, this one is not dependent upon different factors to change the status bar tint. You get three RGB sliders, and can use them to paint the status bar in a color of your choice!

StatusColor iOS Cydia Page  StatusColor iOS Settings & Bar

We have already covered a tweak named StatusColor once, but that one allowed users to emulate the iOS 6 status bar on older versions of the platform. You can differentiate between the two packages by looking at the name of their developers. The tweak we are discussing today has been developed by RiDan. It is the first of the collection of tweaks that the developer has promised to release this week, as part of a period he is calling ‘Fun Week’. With iOS 7 nearly upon us, we might not see many tweaks released in the Cydia store for a long time, so soak it all up while you can.

Once StatusColor is installed, you lose the default properties of the iOS 6 status bar, which is a shame as the developer could have avoided this by simply adding a disable toggle in the tweak’s menu. At present, there are just three sliders in the StatusColor menu. The great thing about this though, is that you don’t have to respring your device after making every single change, unlike many tweaks that deal with changing UI elements. In fact, you don’t even have to quit the Settings app in order to see the new color take effect. You can try out as many variations as you want until one tickles your fancy.

StatusColor is a free download, and can be found in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. The tweak can use a couple of improvements, like a disable/enable switch and a numerical indication of the current RGB value, but even in its current state, StatusColor is certainly worth a shot.

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