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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss Foursquare for Windows 8 & RT, BitTorrent Sync for iOS, a useful YouTube tweak for improving video streaming, and how to create good-looking online surveys, among other excellent apps and tips.

Gorgeous And Resourceful: Foursquare For Windows 8 / RT Is The Best Way To Discover New Places Locally


Foursquare has gradually distanced itself from being a check-in-centric social network to a places recommendation platform. It is easily the best way to find new places of interest in and around your city. To top it off, the new Windows 8 and RT app looks absolutely stunning!

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Repix Photo Editor Now Available On Android

Repix Editor  Repix Crop  Repix Effects

Just when you think the photo editor mobile apps market is saturated, yet another developer comes up with what they think is the ultimate app for making average mobile camera photos look beautiful. Repix received positive reviews on iOS, and now it has been launched on Android with the same set of filters, brushes, frames, and basic editing tools.

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BitTorrent Sync Now Available On iOS; Offers Automatic Camera Roll Backup And P2P File Syncing

BitTorrent Sync iOS Home  BitTorrent Sync iOS Folder  BitTorrent Sync iOS Photo

Don’t want to upload your data on third-party servers but still want to enjoy cloud syncing? BitTorrent Sync is your best option. It started off on desktops, launched on Android recently, and is now available on iOS with automatic Camera Roll backup and more.

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How To Buffer Full YouTube Videos Before Playing


YouTube recently shifted to ‘DASH’ technology for streaming videos that, among other things, doesn’t allow you to buffer full videos without playing them. YouTube Center is a browser add-on that can disable DASH so you can start streaming a long Full HD video on your slow internet connection while you make yourself a cup of coffee.

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Our Review Of ‘Aviate’: A Google Now-Like Intelligent, Context-Sensitive Launcher For Android


Apps like Aviate make smartphones truly feel smart. A still in-development launcher for Android, it takes inspiration from Google Now in both functionality and looks by presenting apps and other information to you based on things like the time of the day and your location, among other things.

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Delete Tracking Cookies From All Popular Web Browsers Using MAXA Cookie Manager

MAXA-Cookie-Manager (1)

There are good cookies that simply store data only for restoring it in the next browsing session, and then there are bad ones from Facebook and ad networks that track location and monitor which websites you visit. With MAXA, you can select which ones to keep or discard in an easy to use UI.

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How To Post Playable Animated GIFs To Facebook

GIFs on Facebook 4

Animated GIFs are all the rage these days on entertainment websites like Reddit and Tumblr. If you wish to use them on Facebook, you should check out GIPHY. It’s a workaround for until Facebook starts officially supporting GIFs across its site.

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How To Dual-Boot TouchWiz & Any AOSP ROM On Galaxy S4

Best Apps, Tips And Tweaks Of The Week [09.02.2013]

You know what’s better than one stable ROM? Having two stable ROMs – with TouchWiz additions, and without it – in a dual-boot configuration. Using Grarak’s ROM Switcher, you can switch between the stock TouchWiz-laden firmware and any AOSP ROM on the S4.

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Easily Create Your Own GO Launcher EX Themes With This App

Go Launcher Theme Maker 05  Go Launcher Theme Maker 08  Go Launcher Theme Maker 21

One of GO Launcher EX’s most attractive features is its outstanding theme support. For theme designers, the recently discovered GO Launcher Theme Maker is the easiest way to make your own set of elements – icons, docks, etc. – on the go, and pack them into a theme you can share with others.

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InstaPic Is An Instagram Client For Windows 8 And RT With Photo Editing And Upload Capability


Without official support, users of Windows 8 and RT have to rely on third-party developers to come up with their own Instagram clients; the latest is InstaPic. With it, you can not only browse the network, but also edit and upload your photos directly.

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Track & Monitor Everyday Habits On iOS And Android With Chronos

Chronos-for-iOS-2  Chronos-for-iOS-5

Want more information about how you live your day-to-day life so you can improve your daily routine? Chronos for Android and iOS collects data as you go about doing your thing, and then presents it all on its web interface.

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Create Elegant Online Surveys With Typeform

Addictivetips Survery

Just because surveys are boring doesn’t mean they have to look that away. Typeform makes surveys look beautiful and optimizes them for mobile devices.

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Stream Songs From Google Play Music To Any DLNA / UPnP-Enabled Device With This App

Cast To UPnP DLNA for GMusic 2  Cast To UPnP DLNA for GMusic 4

Want to stream music from Google Play Music to your DLNA-enabled TV, or games console? You can do that in a snap with the Cast To UPnP/DLNA for GMusic app for Android.

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