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Recently, we covered a Cydia tweak by the name of NotifyWifi, which came with the ability to display a notification every time users connected to a WiFi network. There are many reasons that tweak can be useful in your daily routine. On an iPhone, information can get lost at times, because not everything is shown automatically, and the Settings app is the only place where you can see everything about your device with ease. Of course, options like SBSettings can help you in this regard, but that’s still not as convenient as getting a notification every time the state of a setting on your device changes. ActionsNotifier is a new tweak that expands the concept of NotifyWifi to a bunch of other actions. With ActionsNotifier, users get to choose the actions for which they want to get notified, thus ensuring they always know what their device is up to.

ActionsNotifier iOS Cydia  ActionsNotifier iOS Settings

ActionsNotifier doesn’t have an exhaustive set of options for now, but the tweak is fairly new, so this situation may change pretty soon. To configure it, head to the Settings app and enter the tweak’s menu. There are just four toggles available in the ActionsNotifier for now, but all of them are almost as useful as the one offered by NotifyWifi.

  1. Music & Video: Every time a song or video starts playing on your iPhone, the tweak displays a notification, showing the name of the track, along with a media icon.
  2. App uninstall: Upon the completion of an app’s uninstallation from the device, ActionsNotifier shows a confirmation notification. This feature can be considered the exact opposite of the one brought to the table by the Download Reminder tweak.
  3. USB Cable connect & disconnect: This might be the most useful feature on offer in the tweak, since it can help you ensure that your phone is always getting charged whenever you have plugged it in. Oftentimes, the charging cable gets accidentally unplugged, with nothing but a small sound to notify you. The problem is solved with a visual alert, thanks to ActionsNotifier.
  4. Headphones connect & disconnect: Works in a similar way as the USB cable option, but for your earphones.

ActionsNotifier iOS Power  ActionsNotifier iOS Media

The great thing about ActionsNotifier is that the banners it displays are not intrusive at all, and even if you tap them, they do not take you away from the current screen. Also, the banners don’t have any effect on the NC, so there is no need to worry about having to clear them from there repeatedly.

If you want the developer of ActionsNotifier to add more options to the mix, there is a ‘Request action’ button in the tweak’s menu. Anyone who thinks the tweak is worth a shot in its current state can download it from the BigBoss repo for free.

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