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We could certainly see BitTorrent Sync being a useful tool when it was first released back in April, but the service’s real potential was unleashed when its Android app came out last month. Syncing your files between a desktop and mobile is something that a lot of users want in this smartphone era. So, now that the Android app for BitTorrent Sync has managed to attract a fair number of users, the team behind the service has just made things even better by releasing an iOS client, too. BitTorrent Sync for iPhone is pretty similar to its Android counterpart, with options for easily sending/receiving files, accessing your computer’s synced data from the phone, and allowing the app to automatically backup everything available in the camera roll of your device.


Even if you are new to BitTorrent Sync, setting everything up isn’t too difficult. Simply grab the desktop client for your PC or Mac and choose folders that you want to sync with other devices. To make a folder accessible on your iPhone, right-click its entry on the desktop client and choose the ‘Connect mobile device’ option. The next step is to launch the iOS app, scan the QR code generated by BT Sync and viola! The folder you shared can now be accessed or altered from the connected mobile device.

BitTorrent Sync iOS Home  BitTorrent Sync iOS Folder  BitTorrent Sync iOS Photo

In the BitTorrent Sync app, all the files available inside the synced folder are visible, even if they are not compatible with iOS. Of course, you can only download compatible files to your device, but the full file view is useful for keeping things organized. To preview and download a file, simply tap it once. The main screen in BT Sync shows the size of each listed file, along with its format and identifier.

BitTorrent Sync iOS Camera Backup  BitTorrent Sync iOS Settings

The main purpose of BT Sync is to let users access their desktop data remotely, but there is more to the app than just that. From the ‘Share files’ section, any photo in your camera roll can be sent to any other smartphone that has a QR scanner – the recipient doesn’t even need to be a user of BitTorrent Sync!

If you are always worried about the photos in your iPhone and want a secure way of keeping them available across different devices, head to the ‘Backup’ tab and enable camera roll syncing. For users conscious of their mobile data costs, BitTorrent Sync can even be configured to perform these backup operations only over WiFi.

BT Sync is a free app, and even if you haven’t started using the service until now, we highly recommend it. You can give the iPhone-optimized iOS client a go by heading to the link below.

Install BitTorrent Sync from App Store

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