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If you are looking for an application that will let you move your mouse cursor over the edge of the screen to the other side, try Unlimited Mouse.  It is a portable application which allows you to move your mouse cursor across the edges of your screen. It unlocks your mouse, and enables cursor movement from right-end of the screen to the left-end and from top to bottom without getting stopped by the screen edges. You can unlock and lock you mouse whenever you want to use this feature.

After installation, the application runs in system tray. Right-click the application to reveal Unlock Mouse and Lock Mouse options. Whenever you want to move your mouse across the borders of your screen, open the options and hit Unlock Mouse; vice versa, click Lock Mouse to restore the normal cursor behavior.

When Unlock Mouse option is enabled, you will see the mouse pointer at the right side after it reaches the left end of the screen. Same behavior will be followed for top to down and down to top movement, that whenever the mouse pointer reaches the edge of the screen, it will appear from the other side.

UnNlock Mouse

Some time ago, we covered a similar tool named Edgeless 2 that performed the same function as Unlimited Mouse, but Edgeless 2 provides separate options to wrap mouse pointer in vertical, horizontal or both directions. Unlock Mouse is a lightweight tool and works on all version of Windows.

Download Unlimited Mouse

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