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The modification and creation times of files and folders are stored as time stamps in properties. Windows, by default, does not let you modify these time stamps. dtouch is a portable application that lets you add or remove specific time spans to and from the time stamps of files and folders, without modifying the contents themselves. The application is capable of changing the time stamps of multiple files at a time by just dragging and dropping them into the interface. More after the break.

The interface has Select new time stamp at the top where you can choose to Add (+) or Subtract (-) a specified time to time stamps. Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds can be added and subtracted from the existing time stamp. From Apply new time stamp to, choose either between Last modified time only or Creation time as well, depending which value you want to modify. Drag and drop the required files and folders under Selected files and directories.

To add or subtract time to and from a time stamp, first drag and drop the files and folders into the application. Then, choose if you want to Add or Subtract time and define the total time using the up and down arrows. In the end, select if you want to add or subtract time from Last modified time only or Creation time as well. When everything is set up, click Apply.


dtouch is lightweight application with a memory footprint of only 2.5 MB, and works on all version of Windows.

Download dtouch

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