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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss yet another high-quality Instagram client for Windows Phone 8, a new Android launcher, a Windows utility for instantly hiding away the active window, and a ‘Modern’ new torrent management app for Windows 8 & RT, among other excellent apps and tips.

6tag Is A Full-Featured Instagram Client For Windows Phone 8 With Video Upload Support

6tag WP8 Search  6tag WP8 Post

We have covered two photography apps for Windows Phone 8 that integrate well with Instagram, but none of them support video uploading, which is something the well-designed new Instagram client 6tag comes built-in with. It comes from the same developer who created the excellent 6sec Vine app for Windows Phone.

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Fruumo Displays Desktop Notifications For Facebook Even With Google Chrome Closed


Facebook is the greatest online ‘timesuck’ of our generation, and if you are alright with it being that, you may want to receive Facebook notifications as they happen at all times. Fruumo is an add-on for Chrome that displays Facebook Notifications on the desktop even when there isn’t a Chrome window open!

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How To Install Paranoid Android ROM On 2013 Nexus 7


Paranoid Android is one of the neatest custom ROMs for Android because it comes with such a wide variety of useful new features that others do not offer, including hybrid UI and a floating notification system called ‘HALO’. It is now available for the new Nexus 7; we walk you through the process of flashing it in the post linked below.

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Mini Launcher For Android Offers A Lightweight UI, Information-Rich Sidebar, And GO Widgets Support

Sidebar Dwl  Sidebar

Launchers are dime a dozen on Android; Mini Launcher differentiates itself by offering a sidebar with a weather widget, settings toggles, recent apps, notifications, and more. Also, it is the only launcher other than GO Launcher EX itself to support GO Widgets. Worth a try!

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Nokia Releases A Bunch Of Elegant Utility Apps For All Windows Phone 8 Devices

Battery Pro  WP8 Screen  Find Me Pro  Wp8

Nokia is doing everything it can to get people to move to Windows Phone. Besides producing absolutely stellar hardware, they’ve developed some pretty elegant, and useful apps. Earlier this week, they released multiple utility apps: Battery Pro+, Level Meter Pro+, Flashlight Pro+, Stopwatch Pro+, Find Me Pro+, and Egg Timer Pro+.

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HiddeX Lets You Instantly Hide Windows Using Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts


Don’t like it when you’re working on something private on your PC, and suddenly someone barges into your room leaving you barely enough time to (completely) hide whatever it is you’re looking at? With HiddeX for Windows, you can quickly minimize a window and hide it from the taskbar with one quick keyboard or mouse shortcut. This can also come in handy when you’re looking for an easy way to reduce window clutter.

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Manage Video Playback, Adjust Volume And Brightness With Gestures In VLC Player For iOS

VLC Gestures iOS  VLC Gestures iOS HUD

Because of its popularity on desktops, VLC Media Player is a crowd-favorite on iOS. It’s free, and plays just about any video file format you throw at it. While I am fine with its simple interface, you might want to use ‘VLC Gestures’ for adding intuitive gestures for managing playback, volume, and brightness.

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Timely Is The Finest Android Alarm Clock App We’ve Seen So Far

Timely  Clock1_

Every Android device comes with a rudimentary clock app with basic alarm clock and stopwatch capability, but said app is mindlessly boring. If you believe in high-quality apps, you absolutely must try out Timely. It’s utterly gorgeous to look at, and a delight to use and wake up to, at least according to our app reviewer.

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Get Galaxy S4′s ’Group Play’ Music Sharing Feature On Your Android Device With SoundSeeder

SoundSeeder Speaker  Playback  Settings

‘Exclusive’ gimmicky features on smartphones like Galaxy S4 and Moto X are quickly replicated by developers, making them available on other smartphones. Galaxy S4’s ‘Group Play’ is now available for all other Android devices with SoundSeeder Music Player, and its companion Speaker app.

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Hemisphere Is A Good Google Latitude Replacement For Android

Hemisphere for Android 3  Hemisphere for Android 4

The latest Google service to die, as most of you already know, is Google Latitude. While Google does have its own Google+-powered alternative implemented, we’ve come across a new third-party alternative called Hemisphere, which offers similar features for keeping track of your friends and family’s location.

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Download & Manage Torrents On Your Windows RT Tablet With Torrex

Torrex Torrent Location

Windows 8 doesn’t really need any, but Windows RT was in desperate need for a good torrent downloading and management app. We came across Torrex last week, which is the first BitTorrent client on Microsoft’s struggling tablet OS.

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Turn Any Image Into An Interactive, Wobbling Live Wallpaper With AndWobble For Android

Editing  AndWobble_Top Rated

AndWobble is an entertainment/utility app that can quickly add various wobbling effects to your images, and can then set them as live wallpapers. If you don’t have anything good of your own, you can always download other people’s wobbly live wallpaper contenders.

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