CheatBook Lets You View Cheat Codes Of PC Console Games When Offline Share
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CheatBook is an offline database of cheat codes for PC and Consoles games, and walkthroughs for PC games.The application is released once a year by the developers with the updated database to keep up with new games. All the data is available offline, so if you are going some place where you will not have an internet connection, you can take CheatBook with you to have a database of cheats available when playing games. You can print cheat codes and walkthroughs of games, or save them individually into text files. If you are connected to the internet, you can share cheat codes with your friends. The search bar allows you to quickly access the CheatBook database and view the desired cheat codes.

The interface has PC Cheats, PC Walk (walkthroughs), Console (cheat codes of console-based games such as X Box 360, PlayStation 3, Sony PSP, Wii and Nintendo DS), Update, Info, News, Links and Exit buttons at the top. The games list and search bar are available on the left side, while detailed descriptions appear on the right side. The buttons to Save Cheat, Print Cheat and Send2friend (to send the cheat codes of a game to a friend via email) are available above the description.

CheatBook 01.2011

Other than cheats for PC and Console games, this application also offers complete walkthroughs for some selected games. You can Save Walk, Print Walk or Send2friend (send to a friend via email) walkthroughs by using the buttons at the top.

CheatBook 01.2011

CheatBook works on all 32-bit and 34-bit versions of Windows.

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