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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss an excellent Internet Download Manager alternative for Windows, how to save Snapchat photos and videos on iOS, apps for Android & iOS 2that take inspiration from Galaxy S4 features, and a bunch of high-quality Windows Phone 8 apps, among other excellent apps and tips.

EagleGet Is A Powerful Free Alternative To Internet Download Manager


Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the most popular download manager out there, but that could change with the advent of EagleGet. It offers almost every single feature of the paid version of IDM – things like accelerated downloads, video sniffer, notifications, scheduler, browser integration, automation – for the price of nothing; it is completely free!

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MixBit Is YouTube Founders’ Answer To Vine, Instagram Video And Vyclone

MixBit for iOS

MixBit incorporates ideas from mobile-sharing servies like Vine, Instagram Video and Vyclone to create an interesting mix of on-the-go video creation tools. The service actively encourages you to take clips from other people’s videos, and mix them with your own to come up with original videos. Will it succeed in today’s competitive social video market? Only time will tell.

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Install Android 4.3 OTA On Galaxy S4 & HTC One Google Play Edition

Best Apps, Tips And Tweaks Of The Week [08.12.2013]

Android 4.3 has officially begun rolling out to Google Play Editions of the Galaxy S4 & HTC One, but if you are the impatient type, you can follow our easy guide on how to flash Android 4.3 on said devices immediately. It takes less than 5 minutes once you have met the requirements.

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Dual-Boot HTC Sense & Google Play Edition ROM On HTC One With MoDaCo.SWITCH

Best Apps, Tips And Tweaks Of The Week [08.12.2013]

MoDaCo.SWITCH solves a problem for ‘flashoholics’ owning the HTC One: it allows them to almost seamlessly switch between the Google Play Edition (stock Android 4.2.2) ROM, and Android 4.2.2 with HTC Sense on top.

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Bing Weather, Sports, News And Finance Now Available On Windows Phone 8

Bing News WP8  Bing Sports WP8 Slideshows  Bing Weather WP8

The Bing suite of apps – Finance, News, Sports, Weather – are some of the best on Windows 8, and now Microsoft has ported them over to Windows Phone 8. They look and feel like their desktop counterparts, and work almost exactly like them, too!

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How To Root Nexus 7 (2013) On Android 4.3 Jelly Bean


Follow our guide from the link below to open up your new Nexus 7 (2013) to a whole world of powerful new apps, ROMs, tweaks and other such things.

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Get A Customizable Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen Clone On Android

Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen 1  Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen 2  Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen 3

Ubuntu Touch is still a good time away from a stable, public release, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience (parts of) it on your Android phone right now. Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen looks and works a lot like its source of inspiration, displaying message and call notifications in the center, and allowing you to control music playback.

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Air Swiper Brings Galaxy S4’s Air Gestures To All Android Devices

Air Swiper for Android (1)  Air Swiper (2)  Air Swiper (3)

The Galaxy S4 comes with its fair share of gimmicky features, one of which is ‘Air Gestures’ that allow you to control your device without actually touching it. ‘Air Swiper’ ports brings similar functionality to all Android devices so you can lock/unlock your device, control text notifications, toggle WiFi/Bluetooth, and more with simple air swipes.

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Get Galaxy S4’s Group Play Feature On iPhone & iPad With TuneMob

TuneMob iPhone Hosting-shared-music-playback  Joining-shared-music-playback-TuneMob-iOS

Yet another app that takes a leaf from Galaxy S4′s book, TuneMob allows a group of people with iOS devices to listen to the same music in sync. It may also prove to be useful at parties where you want to collectively increase the volume of a song you’re playing.

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Watch Any Video In A Floating Windows On Your iPhone With VideoPane

VideoPane iOS Notification  VideoPane iOS SpringBoard  VideoPane iOS App

As I mentioned in our article on TuneMob, most ‘new’ apps these days are a mash-up of other apps with a small novel feature, or simple clones, as in the case of ‘VideoPane’ for jailbroken iOS devices. It seems to take inspiration from the many floating video players available on Android and adds a slight twist of its own; the tweak lets you play a video from any app in a floating window. It doesn’t make much sense on a 4” iPhone or iPod touch, but it can be useful on the bigger iPad display.

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Customize Android Soft Keys With Ultimate Dynamic Navbar

Ultimate Dynamic Navbar  Ultimate Dynamic Navbar (3)

We’ve already discussed the merits and demerits of soft keys on Android devices in an earlier article. With Ultimate Dynamic Navbar, you can enable/disable them, set to auto-hide and customize them to suit your workflow! Highly recommended.

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Secretly Save Snapchat Photos & Videos On iPhone With This Jailbreak App

Snap Save iOS Cache  Snap Save iOS Photo

Snapchat’s greatest attraction is the ephemeral nature of the photos shared on it, but some people just want to ruin the fun of it for their own selfish purposes. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and in case of saving Snapchat photos and videos, there’s Snap Save for jailbroken iOS devices.

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Tunester Is A Fast And Dead-Simple Gesture-Based Music Player For Android

Tunester  Tunester-2

You say you want a simple, easy to use music player for Android that also looks drop-dead gorgeous? Try out Tunester. Its appears to be inspired by iOS 7’s design language, but that doesn’t make it feel any less at home on Android. There are no equalizers, playlists, complex viewing options etc.; it’s just you and your music separated by dead-simple gesture controls. Worth a try!

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