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FBackup is a backup utility for Windows that can create and manage backups of files and folders. The backups can be sorted on local, removable or remote locations. It allows you to protect your data by scheduling tasks and password protecting your backups. The data can be stored in original form, or in compressed archives to save disk space. Filters are available to exclude temporary data from your backups and run predefined backup tasks such as My Documents, My Pictures, Outlook Express etc.

The interface has New, Open, Views, Copy, Properties, Delete, Backup, Restore, Cancel and Refresh buttons at the top. The backup jobs appear at the left, while details of the backup appear at the right side of the interface.

Fbackup Main

To start making backups, click New to enable a wizard which will guide you through the backup process. In the first step, enter Backup Name and choose the save location of backup. When everything is set up, click Next.

FBackup Wizard

Then, select the folders that you want to backup. Click Add Folder to add folders to the backup list and click Add Files to add files to the list. To exclude and include temporary internet files, choose Exclude or Include from the Type drop down menu at the lower right corner.

Wizard 2

You can either select the folders manually, or select a predefined backup task from the drop down menu at the top. The default backup tasks include FBackup Configurations, My Documents, My Pictures, Outlook Express and Windows Mail. Click Next when everything is set up.

New Backup Wizard_2011-11-04_14-29-24

In the next step, choose the type of backup from Make Full or Mirror. Selecting Mirror will save the files and folders in their original form while Make Full will compress the backup into a ZIP archive. Choose Yes and enter a password to encrypt your backup. Click Next when done.

Program Manager_2011-11-04-31-17

Define the parameters for scheduling the backups. Configure How often?, What Day?, What hour?, User and Password, click Save and select Save and Run to start the backup process. Program Manager_2011-1Runnuign-21

The details of the backup process will be shown in the right side of the application. You can create and save multiple backup tasks in the same way. We only covered the basic method of making a backup but this application has more options that are not included in this review. FBackup works on all version of Windows.

Download FBackup

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