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Remember InstaChooser, the Cydia tweak that lets users upload videos to Instagram from their camera roll? After the tweak was released, several people started wondering why such a simple and useful feature wasn’t rolled out as part of the Instagram app in the first place when video sharing was added to it. Looks like the folks behind Instagram were thinking the same thing, as the app’s latest update has brought camera roll uploading to the mix. Both on iOS and Android, Instagram now lets its users choose any video from one their devices’ local galleries. You can then trim the video, select a starting point of your choice, or merge the clip with a fresh recording. Another smaller, yet significant, feature is the addition of a straightening button for photos, which means you can easily change the orientation of an image with great accuracy, and that too without leaving the Instagram app.

Instagram Video Camera Roll  Instagram Video Load  Instagram Video Trim

Just like still images, the camera roll button has been added to the right of the record button in video mode. You can start shooting a video as usual, and then decide to stitch an existing clip with it from the camera roll. On the selection screen, all albums containing videos are displayed by Instagram, letting you browse through them with ease. When a video that is longer than 15 seconds is selected from an album, Instagram just chooses its first 15 seconds for uploading by default. It is easy to change the clip’s starting point though, so that any part of the video becomes selectable. This can be done by dragging the clip on the timeline at the bottom of the screen. The app keeps playing the video whenever a new starting point is chosen.

Instagram Straight Button  Instagram Straighten

That’s all for the video-related changes in Instagram 4.1, but there is more to the update than just that. In camera mode, there is a new button in the left corner of the options bar just above the filters. This button lets you straighten the photos snapped using the app’s own camera. In straightening mode, the app displays a grid, and also has a button that can rotate the image by 90 degrees. For more accurate results though, you might want to use the angle adjustment slider available at the bottom of the screen. Whenever the picture looks straight enough to you, hit the ‘Done’ button and resume editing its other aspects.

The latest Instagram update has been rolled out on both iOS and Android, so head to the links below and grab the new version of the app right now.

Install Instagram for iOS

Install Instagram for Android

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