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The recently covered BuddyLock comes with an impressive array of customization options for the lock screen, but if you want to get a new look for your iPhone without too much effort, there are tweaks like Sodium capable of applying photo effects to a wallpaper directly. LockFlavors doesn’t do anything to the wallpaper, but every other aspect of the lock screen can be altered using it. LockFlavors offers several lock screen themes, applying different colors and patterns to the top and bottom bars of the lock screen. In addition to these, the tweak also has different fonts for the time/date display, and even lets you change the text that appears on the unlock slider. If you aren’t satisfied with any of the default themes offered in LockFlavors, there is also the option of creating your own custom themes by mixing colors for each part of the screen separately, and adding the fonts of your choice.

LockFlavors iOS CollectionLockFlavors iOS SettingsLockFlavors iOS

LockFlavors automatically applies a theme to the lock screen upon installation. To change the default look, you have to head to the LockFlavors configuration screen. There is a standalone icon on the Home screen that can be used to choose a theme or create new ones. Most of the themes available in LockFlavors are simple textures, but there are a few intricate patterns available in the collection as well. The themes act on the status bar, the date area, and behind the unlock slider. From the tweak’s settings menu, you can also choose to put a custom snippet of text in the unlock slider.

LockFlavors iOS Custom ThemesLockFlavors iOS Fonts

Creating new themes in LockFlavors is pretty easy. There are three separate sections here: top, bottom and text. In all three, there are RGB sliders that let you create the exact color you want. To help things along, there is even a preview shot above the sliders. If you want to keep things uniform across the top and bottom, there is an option labeled ‘Auto Match’ available for this purpose. When it comes to fonts, LockFlavors shows a preview for that as well, with some really good options available in the list. Once done, hit the ‘Save’ button and give the custom theme a name.

LockFlavors costs $1.99, which might be a little steep for some people’s liking. If you think the price is fair though, head to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store and grab it.

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