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iOS sports a vast variety of photo editors, but there is a general pattern that all the apps belonging to this genre seem to follow. Most of the time, photo editing apps offer image adjustment options and filters that can be applied to entire photos with a single tap. Some apps also let you tinker with different aspects of the effects to get the exact end result you desire. There are still some things, however, that are quite rare in iPhone apps, and one such feature is selective photo editing. Admittedly, we do have a few apps of this kind such as PopAGraph and AnyShape, but they focus too much on selective editing and don’t have many extra features. FunFx, on the other hand, offers selective photo editing, along with a ton of great image effects. You can also use the app to place text over photos, or simply make different basic adjustments to an image.

FunFx iOS HomeFunFx iOS ImportFunFx iOS Resolution

Before you start editing an image in FunFx, head to the app’s ‘Settings’ section and choose the maximum resolution to use for saving photos. Apart from Settings, the other options on the main screen deal with loading photos to FunFx for editing. Pictures can be imported from Instagram, loaded from the local library, or snapped with the device’s camera from within the app.

FunFx iOS SelectFunFx iOS Crop PresetFunFx iOS Font

To add text to a photo, hit the third option in the bottom bar. Text options include the choice of font, size, color and position. There is a full color palette on offer, and the font list is fairly extensive as well. When you are satisfied with the result, hit the ‘Apply’ button.

The image editor in FunFx doesn’t have too many options on the main screen, but all the important ones are there nonetheless. If you want to begin by cropping the photo or selecting a particular area for editing, you can do so by manually dragging the shown frame around or using one of the presets available in the app based on different aspect ratios. Needless to say, you can also use the image in its original dimensions.

FunFx iOS CategoriesFunFx iOS FiltersFunFx iOS Filter Preset

If you want to apply a filter to the entire photo, simply hit the ‘FX’ button after removing the selection (if any). FunFx has about 100 filters and for the convenience of users, they have been arranged into different categories. If you like an effect particularly well, it is possible to add it to your favorites by hitting the star icon. The RGB values of any filter can be adjusted once it has been applied to a picture, allowing users to obtain the exact results they want.

FunFx is available for free as a limited time offer, so waste no time and grab this great app for your iPhone by heading to the link provided below while the offer lasts.

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