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Google, by default, displays only 10 search results per page. While 10 may not be as bad, sometimes these top slots get occupied by irrelevant links and the actual, useful stuff can get buried deep within the subsequent pages. gInfinity is a Chromeextension that eliminates the need to navigate to next pages in Google search results, by pulling as much as up to 100 results on the first page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and the following ten results will be displayed, and if you continue scrolling further, the process will be repeated until a total of 100 results are displayed on the very first page.

The extension itself features no icons or settings, whatsoever. With gInfinity installed, every Google search performed in Chrome would yield results in this manner, i.e., more results get pulled as you scroll down. One caveat, however, is that 100 is the maximum you get (despite the rather-misleading ‘infinity’ in the extension’s name). You will have to rely on clicking the ‘Next’ link once you’ve scrolled down all the way.


gInfinity is a handy extension that makes it easier to scroll through results without clicking next each time. We believe users will find it useful because there’s hardly a case where you have to navigate beyond 10 pages in Google to find anything useful. Still, give gInfinity a shot and try it out yourself.

Install gInfitity For Chrome

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