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Windows Phone 7 was one of the most criticized mobile platforms almost as soon as it was launched, but with a few updates, it improved by leaps and bounds and now that we are on Mango, WP7 has finally become what it should have been in the first place. There were a lot of improvements in Mango (10 of which you can read about here) one of which was the revamped Bing search. The search menu now allows users to scan barcodes and find out all about them via online searches. So it was about time that third-party apps started taking advantage of this functionality. DVD Collector is a free app which allows its users to catalog their DVD collection by merely scanning the barcodes of the DVD’s covers.

DVD Collector WP7  DVD Collector WP7 Homepage

If you have a sizable DVD collection, and you are in the habit of lending (or even renting) them to your friends, then DVD Collector is just the app you needed. In addition to individual users, this app is also useful for DVD shops. They can maintain complete records of their collection with it.

Using the app is extremely simple. There are three options which you can use to scan a DVD. One is, of course, scanning the cover using the app’s camera, secondly you can choose an image from the Photos hub and scan it for a barcode and then there is the option to enter the barcode manually if you happen to know it.

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Once a barcode has been scanned, DVD Collector will extract its number and then search online for details about that title. You can sort the titles any way you want and there are also options to delete items or add them to favorites. The app also provides all available details on the movie whose DVD cover you just scanned so you can decide at a glance what you want to watch.

The app is available for free. Below is a link to its Web Marketplace page.

Download DVD Collector

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