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iOS already has a lot of apps that can be used for sharing music and telling your social circle what you are currently listening to. There are some full-blown social networks aimed just at music lovers, while apps like MusicBunk do a similar job across multiple platforms. The new rithm app, however, is anything but a social network. Sure, the app is aimed at letting users share music with their friends, but rather than providing you with a public forum for scrobbling, this app acts more like a messenger that can be used to send snippets of your favorite songs to your friends. To make the whole experience even more interesting, rithm lets you associate photos, short videos and animations with tracks before you send them to someone.

rithm needs an account to work, though if you don’t feel like filling out the app’s personal info form, it is possible to simply link Facebook or Twitter with it and go from there. Once an account has been created, rithm displays a few basic instructions to help you get started. To ease you into the whole sharing experience, the rithm team shares an example song with the users as their first post. You can listen to this song’s preview, or purchase it from the iTunes store. In the future, integration with iTunes Radio might arrive in the app as well.

rithm iOS Pick  rithm iOS Search

To create a post of your own for sharing, hit the circle icon located in the top-right corner. rithm supports three ways of picking a song for sharing. You can go for one of the tracks listed in the app’s ‘Top Charts’, use the Shazam-like microphone button, or simply perform a text search. Once the song has been found, you can listen to its preview, or move on to the sharing screen.

rithm iOS Inbox  rithm iOS Play  rithm iOS Share

Before sharing any track via rithm, you also get to spice it up a little. There are plenty of cartoon animations in the bottom bar that can be added to the song’s original album art, with choices available for all kinds of moods and genres. If you still don’t find anything appropriate, it is possible to attach a photo or video with the song right from your iPhone. When the post is complete, hit the ‘Next’ button and choose the contacts you want to share the track with. You can also publish the post to other social networks including Twitter and Facebook.

Songs sent and received on rithm all appear in the app’s inbox section. You also get notifications for all new posts, which can be really helpful for keeping users in the loop. The app is free, and optimized for iPhone / iPod touch only. Give it a go by heading to the following link.

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