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There might be other, or even better, alternatives out there for easyTube, but none are as easy to use or decently priced as this app is. It has been one of my most used apps ever since we reviewed it here a few months back. It has been my second favorite option for listening to music on my Windows Phone 7, the first being the Music + Videos hub itself. In fact, I sometimes prefered easyTube, the reason being that it’s a bit of a drag getting new music into the Music hub (only possible via Zune or buying songs in the Marketplace). On the other hand, with easyTube, you just have to type in your favorite new song’s name and search YouTube to get it on your phone. So why was it still second favorite? You couldn’t read your texts or do anything else while listening to music on easyTube, as background play was not possible in Nodo. Now that a Mango update for the app has been released, all that has been turned around.

easyTube Mango  easyTube Mango Category View

With the Mango update, easyTube has become just about perfect (goodbye Music hub!). On the surface, the app looks pretty much the same, but not really. If you look closely, even the interface has received a few significant changes. There is now the My Videos button present in the bottom bar instead of the folder option. You can still access all your easyTube downloads, but there is now a download button for that. In case you aren’t already familiar with the older version of the app, the speaker icon next to each downloaded video plays the audio of each clip, and that button is what the update has changed completely.

easyTube Mango Playing  easyTube Mango Multiple Downloads

Using the speaker icon, you can play a clip’s audio, press the home button to exit the app and the song will keep playing in the background (exiting an app doesn’t kill it in Mango). The currently playing audio will show in the volume bar just like when you’re playing a song from your phone’s music library. There are a few minor issues though; the currently playing song’s name won’t be displayed but you can still navigate to the next or previous clip’s audio from the volume bar. The Mango update also lets you record videos from your phone and upload them to your YouTube account, which solves the long-time WP7 problem of videos becoming trapped in phones indefinitely.

If you already have the app but haven’t received the update notification yet, you can force an update using our guide to force an update for a WP7 app. easyTube runs for $0.99, but there is also a free, ad-supported version available in the Marketplace.

Download easyTube (free)

Download easyTube

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