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Windows Phone 7 has a pretty neat, comprehensive Music hub. Especially with Mango, there have been a few positive changes due to the enabling of multitasking in the metro OS. However, whenever you play a song from your library, it keeps showing in the volume bar even after you have stopped playing it. Also, on the lock screen, the music menu stays active until the phone gets rebooted. This is designed for users’ convenience, but could become a bit of a nuisance when you accidentally keep hitting the play button while the phone is locked. Using a free new app called Stop The Music, WP7 users can now get rid of the music bar without switching the phone off.

Stop The Music WP7 The app is, in fact, more of a tweak and doesn’t come cluttered with too many options. You simply have to run it, and after authorization, the music will be cleared. If a song is currently playing, not only will the launch of the app stop it, it will remove the song from the volume menu. Similarly, if no song is playing and there is still some music cached in the volume bar/ lockscreen, you can clear all with a simple tap on Stop The Music.

There is one button inside the app, which is sort of redundant, as just launching the app will do the job anyway. The app is, as mentioned above, available for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace. The link below will take you to its Web Marketplace page.

Download Stop The Music

[via XDA-Developers]

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