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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss how to install Android 4.3 on Nexus 4, VLC Media Player’s return to iOS, BitTorrent Sync for Android, and a surprisingly good unofficial Vine app for Windows Phone 8, among other excellent apps and tips.

How To Install Stock Leaked Android 4.3 Jelly Bean ROM On Nexus 4


With only three days remaining till Google’s Android / Chrome OS event, leaks are coming in strong and fast. The latest leak is an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean ROM for the Nexus 4 that comes with updated Camera and Gallery apps, new boot animation, T9 support in the dialer, and a fix for the critical Master Key exploit, among other minor new features.

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VLC Returns To iOS With A Bang: Version 2.0 Adds Video Filters, Remote Transfer & Dropbox Sync

VLC for iOS Options  VLC for iOS Playback

Back in 2011, VLC was the best free video player on iOS. It was later taken down due to certain open source licensing issues, but it is now back, and better than ever!

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Get Halo: Spartan Assault For Windows Phone 8 On Any Carrier Right Now

Halo Spartan Assault

Halo franchise’s first true outing on mobile ‘Halo: Spartan Assault’ was released earlier this week, but only for people using Windows Phone devices on Verizon Wireless. Thankfully, we came across an easy workaround that lets you download it regardless of which wireless carrier you are on.

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Aviary’s Popular Photo Editor Makes Its Way Onto Windows Phone 8

Photo Editor by Aviary WP8 Home  Photo Editor by Aviary WP8 Enhance  Photo Editor by Aviary WP8

Aviary is one the most popular basic photo editing apps available today on mobile platforms. They have already grabbed market and mind-share on iOS, Android, and Windows; now they’ve released an app for Windows Phone 8 with the same set of features.

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BitTorrent Sync Brings Two-Way P2P File Syncing To Android

BitTorrent Sync  BitTorrent Sync_Sync Folders  BitTorrent Sync_Sync QR

Don’t like the idea of uploading sensitive data to a third-party cloud service? Consider moving to BitTorrent Sync, which stores and syncs your data across your personal selection of desktop PCs, and now, Android devices!

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Get RSS Feeds And Social Network Updates On Chrome New Tab Page With Onefeed


The idea of combining RSS feeds with updates from social networks isn’t new, but Onefeed’s execution sets it apart. It looks phenomenal, and works really well as a standalone RSS reader. Great for those of you looking for a simple news-reading experience.

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Free VPN Solution Spotflux Now Available On Android

Spotflux bandwidth  Spotflux settings

If you have made up your mind on not paying for a VPN subscription, you can’t get a better solution than Spotflux. Their free VPN app is wildly popular on desktops, and their new Android app (along with an established iOS app) hopes to continue that trend for mobile devices.

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Optimize WiFi, 3G And 4G Settings On Android To Improve Internet Speed

Internet Speed Master_Permission  Internet Speed Master Apply

Not satisfied with your internet speed on Android? There are a wide number of things that might be causing this issue, but you could always give Internet Speed Master a try. It claims to patch some system files that can help improve download and upload speeds. We only saw improvements in the latter, but you may have a different, and better experience.

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Nucleus Adds A Persistent Menu Bar With A Dropdown Terminal & Third-Party App Notifications To Windows


Nucleus for Windows is an interesting concoction of the persistent menu bar from OS X / Ubuntu, a third-party app notification system, and a readily available Terminal app that allows you quickly call upon Windows system functions, perform basic mathematic calculations, search the internet, and more.

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Floating Touch Is A Customizable AssistiveTouch-Like Mini-Launcher For Android

Floating Touch disc  Floating Touch color

iOS comes with a neat feature called AssistiveTouch that – besides being useful for people with physical disabilities – can act as a quick way to change certain system settings and call system-level actions. Floating Touch for Android works in a similar way, except you can add your own apps, folders, toggles, and more!

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Set Individual Android System Settings On A Per-App Basis With App Override

App Override  What To Control

Every once in a while, an app comes along that makes you wonder, “Why wasn’t this included in the OS in the first place?” The recently covered App Override does that for Android. It lets you set certain system settings to work uniquely for different apps. So, for example, instead of enabling screen rotation every time you watch a video, you can set it so videos in VLC always play in landscape.

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6sec Is A Full-Fledged, Unofficial Vine App For Windows Phone 8

6Sec WP8 Options  6Sec WP8 Explore  6Sec WP8 Camera

Nokia recently announced that an official Vine app for Windows Phone is in the works, but that hasn’t stopped third-party developers from releasing full-fledged unofficial versions of it on the Windows Phone Store. 6sec is as functional as the rapidly developed iOS app, and as good looking as any well-designed Modern UI app.

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TaskMaster Adds Widgets For Music Playback, System Settings & More On iPhone’s Spotlight Search Screen

TaskMaster iOS Music  TaskMaster iOS Toggles

Before iOS 5 was announced with limited widgets support, most iOS widget concepts suggested putting them in the oft-unused “Search iPhone” screen. TaskMaster is a new jailbreak tweak that implements that idea, letting you adjust system settings, enable/disable toggles, manage music playback and more with swipe to the right from your main home screen.

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