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Need to read one more article, but already feeling too exhausted? Announcify, a GoogleChromeextension, can help you read and relax at the same time. It works by converting written text (on any website) to speech. Unlike other text-to-speech extensions, you don’t need to select any text, as this extension will read out the whole web page for you.You can hear your lengthy articles read out loud when you don’t feel like exercising your eyes. The extension allows you to change the speed, pitch and volume of the read-aloud voice.

Once you’ve installed Announcify, its icon is added right next to the URL bar. In order to listen to an article, just click the button and your article will be opened in a new tab, ready to be read. A great feature of Announcify is that it blurs the text that isn’t being read at present, therefore letting you focus on the current text and follow what parts are being read.


Using the options menu, you can change the Volume, Speed and Pitch of the voice according to your preferences. You can also reset it to defaults.


This is a handy extension that will let you rest your tired eyes and at the same time, let you learn new stuff. This extension is similar to Chrome Speak that we previously covered, but is much easier to use, as it automatically reads out the entire page without requiring you to select text, so sit back and relax and listen to all those lengthy articles with Announcify.

Install Announcify Extension For Google Chrome

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