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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss a new automation tool for iOS, the official way of embedding Instagram photos and videos on the web, a Windows 8 utility to lock Start screen editing, a brilliant new calendar app for iPhone, and a new keyboard for Android, among other excellent apps and tips.

Automate Your iPhone With The Official IFTTT App

IFTTT featured recipes  IFTTT instagram

If This Then That is a popular automation tool for the web, and this past week, they released a native app for iPhone and iPod touch, which brings the same concept to your mobile device. In addition to all the APIs supported on the web, it allows you to add Contacts, Photos, and Reminders-based actions to the mix. If you have any interest in automating mundane tasks, you must give IFTTT a try.

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new metroTab Turns Chrome’s New Tab Page Into A Windows 8 Start Screen-Like App Launcher With Live Tiles

new tab  new metroTab

If you can’t get enough of Windows 8’s controversial Start Screen, you can install the “new metroTab” extension on Chrome to get a similar experience. It is surprisingly detailed and highly customizable, with the ability to set live tiles for services like Facebook and Twitter, and use full-fledged Modern UI-like web apps for Weather, RSS reading, and TED right from the new tab page.

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Tile Locker Prevents Changes To Windows 8 Start Screen Layout

Start Screen_Locked

I haven’t customized my Start Screen at all since I always click through to the desktop and do all my work there, but there are people who have meticulously tweaked the Start Screen to look and work just right. To prevent your obnoxious little brother from changing it – accidentally or otherwise – you should install Tile Locker to lock your setup in place.

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Get A Customizable iOS 7 Control Center Clone On Android


You want to make your Android smartphone look like iOS? You can, and no one will judge you for it. Control Center is a new app that allows you to get iOS 7’s Control Center on your Android device so you can quickly toggle/adjust system settings and access apps like Calculator, Flashlight and Camera by swiping in from the bottom edge of the screen anywhere in the OS.

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Share Instagram Videos On A Website The Official Way With The New Embedding Feature

Best Apps, Tips And Tweaks Of The Week [07.15.2013]

We have discussed a couple unofficial hacks that let you embed Instagram videos/photos on your own website, but now, there’s the easy, official way of doing things. It’s a two-click process, and we’ve discussed it in the post linked to below.

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WORDWAVE Is A Highly Customizable, SwiftKey-Like Keyboard For Android

Wordwave keyboard  Wordwave themes & personalization

WORDWAVE is yet another third-party keyboard for Android? Hardly so. WORDWAVE combines SwiftKey’s auto-prediction and learning features with its own deep customization features for changing the overall themes, key popup style, symbols, font and more! It is a nice (currently free) alternative to SwiftKey.

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Remotely Troubleshoot iOS Or Android Devices From Your PC With TeamViewer QuickSupport


Because of the limits Apple places on third-party apps on iOS, TeamViewer’s QuickSupport doesn’t offer the kind of remote troubleshooting experience you may be used to on your desktop OS. There’s no way to remotely control the iOS device, launch apps and such, but you can copy-paste clipboard data, transfer files, share screenshots, chat, and import/export configuration profiles. The Android variant, on the other hand, does allow remote control sessions and is now no longer Samsung-exclusive.

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Import Videos From iOS Camera Roll For Sharing On Instagram With InstaChooser

InstaChooser iOS Import  InstaChooser iOS Notif  InstaChooser iOS Video

Vine and Instagram force you to record videos from the in-app tools that, if you like to save moments in Full HD 1080p, can be frustratingly annoying. For Instagram, at least, there is a jailbreak tweak you can install called InstaChooser that allows you to import videos from your Camera Roll before you edit and share them.

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How To Install Android 4.3 Google Play Edition ROM On Samsung Galaxy S 4 GT-i9505


If you have the Snapdragon-powered variant of the Galaxy S4, you can easily install a leaked build of Android 4.3 on it. Functionally, it isn’t much different from Android 4.2.2, but it’s the absolute bleeding edge of Android, and that should be motivation enough for some.

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Cal By Any.DO Is An Excellent iPhone Calendar App With Beauty And Brains

Cal iOS Calendar  Cal iOS Settings  Cal iOS Themes

Ever since the to-do list app market died down, developers have been focusing on creating unique calendar apps. Developed by the team behind popular to-do list app Any.DO, Cal is a stunningly beautiful calendar app with unique features like Any.DO integration, the ability to recognize contacts and locations as you type them, Facebook integration for quickly wishing your friends a happy birthday, and more.

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StatusHUD Merges iPhone Volume HUD Into The Status Bar

StatusHUD iOS Square  StatusHUD iOS Circle  StatusHUD iOS Lock

When you adjust iOS’ system volume, it shows the current volume in a semi-transparent HUD on top of whatever app you are currently using. Alan Yip’s StatusHUD replaces this UI element, and shows the current volume in the status bar while it’s being adjusted. This is how it should have been in the first place!

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How To Remove Carrier Hotspot Tethering Restrictions On iOS Without Jailbreak Using iBackupBot

open plist file

To prevent users from putting undue burden on the wireless carrier’s internet bandwidth, said wireless carriers restrict iPhones and iPads from enabling Personal Hotspot. There are ways to remove this restriction with jailbreak tweaks, but we’ve come across a way to do so without jailbreak, for those of you on an unjailbreakable version of iOS.

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