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We all love to share photos in different ways. Some people upload them to social networks for others to see, and then there are those who email their pictures as slideshows to share memorable moments with their friends and family. Developed by renowned computer software company Nero AG – known for their DVD burning application and entertainment suites - NeroKwik is a web, Android, iOS, Windows 8 & RT app that makes photo sharing a fantastic experience. The app allows you to create digital photo tapestries or collages, which you can then share with others through social media. Apart from your local storage, the app can also access photos from other devices as well as the ones you’ve uploaded to Facebook, Google+ and SugarSync. Join us after the break for a hands-on of the Windows 8 / RT variant of the app.

The first time you launch the app, you’re presented with a login screen where existing users can sign in to their NeroKwik account, while new users can create one via the signup section on the far left. The signup process is pretty quick and instantaneous, and just requires you to fill in a few details like your full name & email address, and specify a password.

NeroKwik_Sign In

The landing screen of the app houses navigation buttons for all its sections at the top namely All, Tapestries, Marked, Shared and Trash – all of which are pretty much self-explanatory. NeroKwik automatically scans all the images from the default Pictures library on your local drive upon first run, and presents those photos on the main screen. You can then make picture collages or tapestries from them by right-clicking the required photos. You can scroll horizontally through the pictures to view and select from the available choices.


Once you have selected the required images, the next step is to give your tapestry a name using the Tapestry button on the app bar. Apart from the said button, you will also find Clear selection, action, share, slideshow and themes buttons in there.

NeroKwik Select

Upon giving your tapestry a name, you can then customize a few more bits about it by clicking Themes from the app bar. You can choose the photo size (custom, random, rating, social) and style, and sort them by newest. The Slideshow feature simply launches a full screen slideshow session of the images, with some simple sliding effects and nothing special or groundbreaking.

Screenshot (62)

If you want to use photos from your Facebook, Google+ or SugarSync accounts, you can access and make tapestries out of them on the fly by connecting these services with NeroKwik. To do that, simply head to the Connections pane from Settings in Charms Bar.

NeroKwit Connections

All in all, it’s a pretty decent app with a great approach to photo sharing. NeroKwik is a multi-platform application that is available for Windows 8/RT, iOS, Android and the web. You can grab it for free from the link below.

Download NeroKwik

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