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If, like me, you too have missed out on celebrating Halloween with your mates, no need to fret. With Christmas just around the corner, you’ve got ample time to make amends and plan a vacation at your favorite resort. But how to find a hotel that offers the best services and is in the good books of general public? Well, if you have a smartphone (iOS or Android), then you needn’t conduct any hectic searches over the web as HolidayCheck can do that for you. Initially released as an iOS-only app, HolidayCheck has finally brought its location-based hotel tracking services to Android. With HolidayCheck, you can find any hotel, restaurant or resort of your liking on the go and you can, without having to pay a dime, take a peek into some of the most gorgeous and luxurious hotels around the planet via pictures and videos. The app fetches results via its rich online database, displays  user reviews/ratings for each and keeps you up to date with all the latest offers going around. In addition, the app features a QuickCheck option that lets users manage their check-ins at various hotels and post reviews with images and videos. More to follow.


For each review that you wish to post via the QuickCheck feature of HolidayCheck, you get a chance to select from three different different impressions namely Fab, Foul or Fine, each depicting your emotions and experience with the hotel. You may save your reviews on the app’s My QuickChecks list or publish them to the official HolidayCheck website.


Using the search button on the app’s homescreen, you can easily search for any hotel in the world by its name or by city. Real-time search results help make the process much more convenient. If GPS is enabled on your device, the app can help you find nearby hotels and other such amenities.

Once you land on the desired search result, just tap on the hotel name to view its images, videos and reviews shared by users and find out if you’re lucky enough to have stumbled upon any ongoing special offers at the place.


On the downside though, unlike other hotel tracking apps (such as the official Marriott app) that allow users to book rooms/suites right from their devices, HolidayCheck is primarily meant to search for hotels and share your experiences with your Facebook/Twitter buddies. Another area in which the app lags behind other similar apps is that it, as of now, offers no contact info for hotels whatsoever. This means that the interested users might have to rely on alternate services in order to book rooms at a hotel or to get additional info.


HolidayCheck is free on the Android Market. Download the app via the Market link or QR code provided below.

Location-Based Hotel Tracking App HolidayCheck Hits The Android MarketDownload HolidayCheck

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