Transfer On LAN: Easily Transfer Files Between Systems Running Different OS In Network Share
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Transferring files between two computers is easy when they are running the same operating systems, but in a heterogeneous network environment, one has to configure numerous sharing options to ensure seamless file sharing between systems running different operation systems.  Transfer on LAN is a cross-platform utility that allows users to transfer files without having to configure any type of file sharing options, and therefore suitable for heterogeneous network environment. The application lets you specify custom computer identification name for sharing files with others. Additionally, it comes with an option to hide system name from its list, so that other connected clients can’t identify your system.

In order to enable seamless sharing between PC’s, you need to install Transfer On LAN on all the machines that require sharing files. After installation, head over to Preferences tab to specify User name, Destination, Avatar image and Sound. You can change the Language, Appearance, Username, and Destination Folder. If you want to hide system name from others, uncheck Appear in the List of users option. When settings are in place, click Apply and move to Users tab.

Transfer on LAN - 0.4.3

To start transferring files, right-click the receiving PC’s name and click Send.

Transfer on LAN Users

The recipient will get a pop-up message, asking to accept the transfer. Click Yes to begin transferring folders/files.

LAN transfer

The transfer will start immediately and you can view the progress under Sending tab. When transfer is completed, you can access the files from defined folder. Transfer on LAN is an open source tool that requires JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to work. It supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based OS.

Download Transfer on LAN

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