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The revamped design of Google Reader is now considerably different compared to the classic look, and does not allow you to share like before. Anything that you share is now going to happen via a +1 to Google+. Yesterday, we covered a stylesheet fix for Google Reader that addressed the spacing issue, but if you want the old sharing options back, check out ReaderSharer. It is a GoogleChromeextension that allows you to view your shared items and those from the people you follow. It will also display whether an item has been shared or not. Additionally, it, too, reverts the new fonts and spacing of feeds, providing a more all-in-one-package of sorts.

The redesigned Google Reader offers Starred items and Trends option to its left side. With this extension, People you follow and Your shared items options are added back to the new interface. Google also changed the font size and spacing between feeds when in list view, making it difficult to browse through the feeds. Reader Sharer reverts this modification and takes you back to the classic design, allowing you to browse more conveniently.


ReaderSharer also sports +1, Email, Keep unread and Add tags options, which are all found at end of each feed item. This extension adds the sharing button back to the feeds, making sharing content hassle-free once more.


This is a very useful extension, especially for those who found Google Reader’s sharing capabilities highly effective. Install ReaderSharer now and get back on the sharing bandwagon.

Install ReaderSharer For Chrome

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