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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss Windows 8.1 Preview, the updated stock camera app for Android, two Google Reader alternatives, an Android app for predicting who you are going to call next, and an app for Windows 8 / RT that streams music based on an occasion, among other excellent apps and tips.

Our Windows 8.1 Preview Coverage


This week saw the release of the much-anticipated Windows 8.1 Preview at Microsoft’s BUILD 2013 conference. Although the latest iteration of Microsoft’s desktop OS is an incremental update, it does sport quite a few new features, changes and apps, which we’ve been playing around with and bringing to your attention throughout the past week. Following are the articles we’ve posted up until now:

The New Start Button & Improved Start Screen

Changes & Additions In The Lock Screen

The New Unified Smart Search Feature

Multitasking & Improved Snap Feature

Deeper SkyDrive Integration

Boot To Desktop & Other Navigation Options

Revamped Xbox Music App With Better Syncing & Free Radio Streaming

Improved Windows Store App

Changes & Improvements In The PC Settings App

Built-In Image Editor

Hands-On With The New Modern UI Apps In Windows 8.1

Download Android 4.3 Camera App APK With Refreshed User Interface

Android 4.2 vs 4.3 Camera Comparison

The Google Play editions of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 – both running on Android 4.2.2 – come with an updated camera app that isn’t even available on Nexus 4 running on the same version of Android. Thanks to the vibrant developer community, an APK of the app is now available for download and installation.

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Anonymously Search The Web With DuckDuckGo For Android & iOS

DuckDuckGo iOS Stories  DuckDuckGo iOS Post

DuckDuckGo may not give the same high quality search results as Google, but the service promises not to save your search queries or log any other data. Privacy-conscious mobile users now have the option to install the native DuckDuckGo app for quicker searching. The fact that it doubles up as a good news reader makes it even better!

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Digg Launches Google Reader Alternative For iPhone & iPad Users

Digg Reader iOS Import  Digg Reader iOS Feeds

With the demise of Google Reader, technology companies big and small are doing everything they can to provide Reader refugees’ a go-to RSS reader. Among dozen others, Digg has come up with Digg Reader. Although the web version is currently in private beta and quite rough around the edges, the iOS version is open to all users and seems relatively polished. Definitely worth a try before you settle down with one RSS reading service for the next few years.

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Listen To Mood / Occasion-Based Music Playlists On Windows 8 & RT With Songza

Songza Windows 8 Home

Pandora and are great for discovering new music based on your listening history and taste, but Songza’s approach is a mighty good alternative: discovering new music based on an occasion or your current mood. The free service has now finally made its way onto Windows 8 and RT, albeit in the form of a somewhat buggy app.

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Install CWM Or TWRP In One Click Without Reboot Using Recovery Tools For Android

Recovery Tools  Download

Installing ClockworkMod Recovery / TWRP is usually involves a short list of easy-to-follow steps; Recovery Tools reduces that to a single tap. Simply launch the app on a supported, rooted device, and tap Flash ClockworkMod / TWRP Recovery! It’s that easy. You don’t even need to reboot your device for the flashing process.

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Dialapp For Android Magically Predicts Who You Are Going To Call Next

DIalapp Sign In  Dialapp-Log_

Who thought you could innovate today’s smartphone dialer app? Well, the developers of Dialapp did, and they have delivered! Dialapp will analyze when, where and who you make calls to, and then predict who you are going to call next based on this information. Good stuff!

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EaseUS MobiSaver Is A Powerful Data Recovery Tool For iOS Devices

EaseUS MobiSaver Home

EaseUS MobiSaver is a first-of-its-kind tool for iOS devices. It lets you recover any photos, videos, contacts, calendar appointments, notes, and message attachments that were accidentally deleted from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

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Add Toggles, App Shortcuts And Other Activator Actions To iPhone Notification Center With Actiwidget

Actiwidget iOS Settings  Actiwidget iOS NC

Ryan Petrich’s Actiwidget combines Activator’s impressive list of actions with the Notification Center, so you can call said actions – whether it is toggling a system setting, or launching an app, with a simple tap from within any other app.

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Sectos For Android Backs Up, Passcode-Protects And Hides Your Photos From Gallery And File Manager Apps

Sectos pass code  Sectos photo menu

If you have photos in your phone’s Gallery you want only your eyes to see, Sectos is the app you’re looking for. Not only does it allow you to set a passcode for your photos, but it also hides them from the Gallery app and any third-party file manager or explorer. There are a bunch of other nifty features too that you can read about from the link below.

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Watch Your Favorite Discovery, Animal Planet And TLC TV Shows On Windows Phone 8 With These Apps

Discovery WP8 Featured  Animal Planet WP8 Shows  TLC WP8 Desciption

The Discovery network has launched three dedicated Windows Phone 8 apps for the Discovery channel, Animal Planet, and TLC. Each allows you to watch full TV show episodes, view the respective channel’s daily schedule and set reminders for new episodes.

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AOL Launches RSS Reader With Social Sharing, Folders, Tags, Keyboard Shortcuts And More

AOL Reader read

Like Digg, and Feedly, AOL has launched its own Google Reader alternative in an attempt to lure the millions of users looking for a new RSS reader. Simply named AOL Reader, the web-based app allows you quickly import your Google Reader subscriptions, sort them into folders, give them tags, use keyboard shortcuts for more efficient reading, and share articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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