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Instagram introduce 15 second videos a very short while back, effectively taking away the ‘Instagram for videos’ title from Twitter’s Vine that had started the whole short video sharing craze with its 6 second long videos. While Vine has Twitter’s user base to count on for users and growth, Instagram has both its own and Facebook’s users who are clamoring to join it and upload their 15 second videos. Naturally, this means stiff competition for Vine, which is very likely going to fight back. It has just released an update for its Android app, which now supports the front facing camera on your device and has an upload manager for reviewing failed uploads. The app has also added support for more devices, made some improvements to the settings and tweaked the camera to load faster.

Vine now supports the front facing camera on your device. Tap the camera icon at the top to open your camera and you will notice a new button (it looks something like a refresh icon). Tap it to toggle which camera is in use. You will record a video the same way you used to when using the default camera i.e. by tapping and holding the screen. The upload and share procedure also remains the same.

vine camera  vine front camera

With this update, an uploads manager has been added as well, and it serves purely for Vines that have failed to upload. The uploads manager only shows Vines that you decided to publish, which means if you created a Vine and decided not to upload/publish it, it will not appear in the uploads manager. Vine does not save unpublished videos, ever. To view the ‘Uploads’ page, you will have to tap the upload failed notification in the notification bar. Once in the uploads manager, tap a failed upload to try again, or tap and hold it to delete it. Vine will ask you to confirm if you want to delete the video.

upload manager   delete video

Other improvements to the app are all performance-related; the camera loads faster now, and the app seems to be working smoother than it did before. There is a rather long delay when switching between the front and back facing cameras but when opened for the first time, the camera loads pretty quick. The update is huge because it bring support for the front facing camera. If you were hoping for filters and longer videos though, this is not the update you’re looking for.

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