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With just three days left until Google Reader finally disappears from our lives, most users of RSS reader services are sure to have decided upon alternatives. Feedly appears to be winning the race to replace Google Reader, but there are plenty of other decent options available in the market as well. If somehow you still haven’t gotten around to bidding a fond farewell to Reader, or just aren’t satisfied with the new RSS service you have switched to, Digg has come to the rescue. Just yesterday, the MySpace of social bookmarking rather hurriedly (and perhaps in a bid to claim some relevance) announced the release of a closed beta of its own RSS service, Digg Reader. Now, the service has arrived on iOS, but not in the form of a standalone app or a closed beta. All iOS 6 users can get their hands on Digg Reader right now by simply updating the official Digg app for iPhone and iPad.

Digg Reader iOS Import  Digg Reader iOS Feeds

The whole idea of an RSS reader should be to let its users concentrate on the content, without distracting them too much with flashy features. This is what made Google Reader so popular, and this is also evident in Digg Reader. The app has been criticized by some for being too simple, but it gets the job done and seems to be perfect for use on a mobile device.

To get started, you have to connect your Google account with the it by using the ‘Import Google Reader’ button in the navigation pane. Digg Reader simply asks you to sign in, and then allow the app access to your data. It takes a few minutes for everything to show up properly in Digg after the import is complete, so be patient.

Digg Reader is smart enough to pull your bookmarked articles, and they show up in the ‘Saved’ section. Things you like within the Reader or on Digg can be viewed under ‘Diggs’. The app supports folder and categories in feeds, and each item in the feed list is capable of displaying its own icon as well.

Digg Reader iOS Browse  Digg Reader iOS Categories  Digg Reader iOS Stories

Apart from letting you import your Google Reader feeds, Digg also has the option to let you browse through different feed categories, and add feeds from there. While browsing the feeds in Digg Reader, you can swipe across an entry to bring up sharing options, the bookmarks icon and the Digg button. The same options can be accessed inside each post, too, but having them on the main screen is certainly convenient. To mark all items as read in a category, use the checkmark located in the top-right corner.

Digg is a free app, and so is the Digg Reader feature. In our experience, anyone can use Digg Reader on iOS but if you use the same Google account to try and log in to the service’s web version, things don’t work out unless you have an invitation to access the closed beta. So, if you own an iDevice, download the universal Digg app from the link given below.

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