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Opinion is something that everyone is quite willing to provide at all times. This has led to the rise of many successful social networks because If you take away all the additional aspects from these popular services, they are pretty much all about people broadcasting their opinions or asking for advice from their friends. There are already apps like Thumb and Blurtopia that allow users to seek advice from people they know, or even from the general public. In such apps, however, you have to wait for a considerable number of people to respond to your poll, which can take several days, if not weeks. vs. is an iOS app that lets you completely skip this wait, and can help you assess any keyword’s relative popularity in mere seconds. Using the app, you can pit any two keywords against each other, and based on recent activity on Twitter, vs. calculates a comparison score for each.

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Before you start making comparisons of your own, it is possible to explore the app’s ‘Trending Right Now’ section to get a hang of things. As all the comparisons made using vs. are logged by the app, users get a chance to see the keywords that are getting most attention at present. Basically, vs. takes into account all the fresh tweets floating around Twitter. The app considers tweets that are no more than 15 seconds old, and calculates scores based on them. If something is getting a lot of bad press on the microblogging service, it is likely to have a negative rating on vs., although the service doesn’t reveal the exact mechanism that is used to calculate these scores.

To start a comparison of your own, write any two words in the orange and red fields on the first page of the app. It takes vs. a few seconds to generate a result and needless to say, the analysis requires an active internet connection. The vs. results page is quite simple; the winner of the comparison is displayed at the top of the screen, while the respective scores acquired by each word are written below it. There is also a chart to give a graphical representation of the ratings, but it could have been a lot more elaborate. To share results, hit the buttons located in the bottom bar. The available choices are SMS, email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

vs. is a free app, and can be used even if you are not on Twitter since it only deals with tweets that are available publicly and doesn’t ask its users to sign in. vs. is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch.

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