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Memories are among our most precious assets. The day you completed your graduation, the day you got your driver’s license or the day you lost a loved one – all good and bad memories are saved in our minds and remain there forever for us to cherish or despise the moments that we once experienced. With the power of social media sites like Facebook or Google+, it has become even easier to store our memories as photos or videos, if not just mere status updates. But almost all the social media sites we’ve come across so far aren’t designed solely to store our memories as their core feature. Well, not until we recently discovered Memrify – a cloud-based social web app that allows you to store your memories online and share them with the people you want.

The basic idea behind Memrify is to let you write your life’s various moments as they happen and choose the people who were with you or to the ones you want to share them with. You can also attach pictures with your memories. To get started, visit Memrify’s website and create a user account by clicking Register.


A new user account can be created either via email or Facebook. If you opt for email, just type the required credentials including your first and last name, username, password and email address in the relevant fields, and click ‘Create my account’. Interestingly, the services doesn’t even send a confirmation email and your account is instantly created.

Sign up

Once you log in to your account, you’re presented with a simple dashboard, which is basically your Timeline that carries all the memories that you record from time to time. This Timeline interface makes it easier to always jump back to your previous memories any time you want.

Entering a new memory is fairly simple too; you just need to type in details pertaining to your memory, for instance your graduation ceremony, a friend’s wedding and so on. You can also associate tags with your memories, which makes it easier to access them at a later point in the future.


You can either choose from predefined tags at the top, or input custom ones in the relevant field at bottom. Likewise, you may choose to enter names of people you want to share your memory with. When you’re ready, just click ‘Save the memory’. You can change the privacy level of any memory between private and public on the fly. In addition, Memrify allows you to upload and attach pictures to each memory.

New Memory

Memrify lets you create groups, so you may easily share your memories with multiple contacts with ease. Along with a custom group name, you can specify the privacy mode for the content shared with that group from the available options of ‘Private members only’ or ‘Public may see the content’. However, during testing, we ran into an error every time we tried creating a new group. I hope the developers will resolve this issue in the future updates.

New Group

Lastly, you can easily change a few account-related settings and manage groups by clicking your profile name at the top. The drop-down menu gives you access to your profile management, accounts settings, password and account linking.


In a nutshell, Memrify is a powerful service that can be used for a multitude of purposes other than just storing your memories. For example, you can also use it for note-taking, planning day-to-day activities or creating To-Do lists shared with your contacts. What’s more, the web app works equally well across desktop and mobile platforms.

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