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Since we couldn’t publish a roundup last week, we are including some slightly older-than-usual posts in this roundup. As usual, it consists of both popular and less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during the hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss a tweak for iOS that allows you to check for notifications without looking at your device, a Windows screenshot tool that takes screenshots of individual UI elements, Instagram’s new video sharing features, CPU-Z and Rockmelt for Android, among other excellent apps and tips.

Instagram For iOS & Android Now Supports Video Sharing, Comes With 15-Second Time Limit And Awesome Filters

Instagram Video Camera  Instagram Video Filters

Vine has taken the social networking world by storm with its entertaining six-second videos, but Facebook-powered Instagram isn’t letting that slide as the previously photo-only sharing service now supports video sharing!

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How To Embed Instagram Videos On Any Web Page

inspect element

Now that you’ve read about Instagram’s support for videos, you should know that you can employ a simple ‘hack’ to embed them on any web page.

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Facebook Now Lets You Comment With Photos

comment photo

Sharing photos in the comments section of Facebook posts is a common occurrence, but so far, users had to rely on copy-pasting links from image sharing websites like Well, not anymore! Now you can click the camera icon and directly upload a photo as a comment. Neat!

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Rockmelt For Android Puts The Best News, Blog Posts & Media From Around The Web At Your Fingertips

Rockbelt_Android  Rockbelt_Add

Rockmelt’s social web browser didn’t work as well as they had in mind, so the company is now focusing on a personalized mobile reader that aims to bring to you – in a Flipboard-ish way – the latest and greatest news, blog posts, photos and videos from the internet.

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Highlight And Draw Anywhere Over The Desktop & Open Windows With Epic Pen

Epic Pen Drawings

Useful for screencasts and presentations: Epic Pen for Windows is a free app that allows you to draw anything, anywhere on the screen, over the desktop and any open windows.

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Automatically Sync Files & Clipboard Data Between Multiple PCs And Android Devices With Scatter

Scatter inbox  Scatter folders

Syncing data between mobile and desktop computers isn’t easy, but Scatter makes it look like a piece of cake. It’s a free app for Android and Windows that lets you sync – selectively, too – your clipboard, downloads and even your entire SD card between both platforms. An iOS version of the app is in the pipeline.

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Take Screenshots Of Individual Windows UI Components With SnipSnip

SnipSnip-File-Explorer-Tree-View-screenshot  SnipSnip-Photoshop-toolbar-screenshot

We’ve seen our fair share of screenshot apps for Windows here at AddictiveTips. From a distance, they all look the same, but SnipSnip for Windows has a unique option of capturing individual user interface objects, such as just the tree view of the native File Explorer, or the toolbar in Adobe Photoshop. No more cropping required!

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Get iOS 7 Control Center-like System Toggles And Shortcuts In OS X Dock With FastToggles


Costing a mere $1.99, FastToggles for OS X is a simple app living inside your Dock that shows sixteen toggles and shortcuts – for things like WiFi, Shutdown, Eject, Empty Trash, Bluetooth, etc. – when you click its icon. Convenient.

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Nimbus Is A Powerful Screenshot Tool For Chrome With Hotkey Support And A Built-In Image Editor


Quite frequently, when we’re taking a screenshot, it’s of something on the Internet, so it makes sense to have a screenshot tool built into your browser. Nimbus is a powerful tool for Chrome that not only comes with multiple capture options, but also with its own screenshot editor! It’s the best such tool we’ve seen yet.

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Explore The New Features In iOS 7 With Recombu’s Interactive Web-Based Demo

iOS Simulator LS  iOS 7 Simulator Control Center

Itching to try out iOS 7, but don’t have an Apple Developer Account for downloading the latest beta of Apple’s mobile OS? You should check out Recombu’s web-based interactive demo of iOS 7. It’s certainly far from the real thing, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

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TinyVNC Now Available On Windows Phone 8


TinyVNC is a great new app for Windows Phone that allows you to use your desktop computer from your mobile device. Unlike most of its competitors, it is completely free, and works near flawlessly with all major desktop operating systems!

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CPU-Z For Android Shows Extraordinarily Detailed System, CPU, Battery And Sensor Stats

CPU-Z_SOC  CPU-Z_Sensors

CPU-Z, my personal favorite app for viewing stats for my desktop computer, has made its way to Android! It provides similarly detailed information about the CPU on your phone. Highly recommended for hardware enthusiasts.

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Check For New iOS Notifications Without Taking Out Your Device From Your Pocket

PocketNotify iOS Activator

I regularly whip out my iPhone from my pocket just to see if there are any pending notifications on the lock screen. PocketNotify allows to check for new notifications by using a simple Activator-based gesture – such as pressing and holding the lock button. If you do have a notification on your lock screen, the tweak will cause your iPhone to vibrate.

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Vodio For Android Curates Popular Videos From Facebook, Twitter And YouTube

Vodio  Vodio channels

Millions of hours of video gets uploaded and shared online every day, so it is inherently difficult to find interesting content. Vodio for Android (previously exclusive to iOS) takes care of that by curating popular videos from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, along with videos from your own friends, people you follow and have subscribed to.

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