Scatter Offers Auto P2P File Clipboard Sync Between PC Android Share
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Sending files between two computers, whether they’re both Macs or PCs, is quite easy; you can share them over your local network, use a file sharing service or P2P file transfer apps, or simply transfer them using a USB flash drive. Same goes for sharing files between computers and mobile devices, but sharing text is a whole different story. Unless you have something like Messages and iMessage as is the case with Macs and iOS devices, sharing text between computers and mobile devices isn’t all that easy. Scatter is a free app for Windows and Android (coming soon to iOS) that is an all-in-one solution for sharing clipboard content and files between a PC and an Android device. Not only does the app make P2P file and data sharing simple, it also syncs your data between two or more devices.

To start using Scatter, you need to install it on at least two devices. To sync data, you must sign up for a free Scatter account. After signing up, simply sign in with the same account on all devices that you want to sync and send data between. If you’re syncing between an Android device and a PC, the first thing you want to do is visit the app’s Control Panel. Here, you can select the location for saving incoming files, limit how much clipboard content is captured and synced how long the files and data in your inbox are kept, and view your connected devices.

scatter sign in

The ‘Your Data’ tab shows you different folders that you’ve sent and received files/text from. Notice the folder structure here and the labels.  To send a file, select a source from the left and drag & drop the files you want to sync to your device. Syncing begins automatically.

scatter send from desktop

Let’s get to the Android app now. After signing in, tap the little minus tab which will open a drawer listing the same labels as the desktop app. Files and data that’s transferred from a label/folder syncs to the same one across all devices, but is also accessible from the ‘Inbox’.

Scatter inbox  Scatter folders

To sync data from your Android device, open the app’s menu and tap ‘Add’. Select what you want to send to your computer and it will be received automatically. Text from your clipboard syncs across devices automatically, and you don’t need to do anything other than keeping Scatter running in the background.

Scatter add  Scatter location

Scatter can sync data from your SD card to your computer as well, but you likely don’t want the app to sync everything. To limit how much data and what type of files are synced, tap your SD card listed on Scatter’s home screen. Here, you can manage how much space the app can use on your SD card, and how much data it should sync to your computer under the ‘Mobile file sync limit’.

Scatter card  Scatter sd card

For a free app, Scatter is very impressive on both Windows and Android ends. The apps work flawlessly together and give the user control over what to sync, how much to sync, and when to delete data that’s gotten too old, in addition to the immensely useful clipboard syncing feature.

Download Scatter for Android

Download Scatter for Windows

[via Android Police]

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