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We’ve covered a large variety of screenshot tools in the past, including the likes of some really great ones such as Greenshot and Shotty. Though if you’re looking for a screenshot app for Windows that can let you annotate the captured images as well as upload them to a host of image sharing sites, try taking HotShots for a spin. This open-source application is designed with many features in mind and sports a decent UI along with an intuitive, tried and tested design. HotShots doesn’t bring any new idea to the table, but takes the best ones out of existing screenshot tools and combine them to create a nifty application that can come in handy in a number of situations that need you to take and post screenshots to explain various complex tasks.

The annotation element of HotShots is purportedly the best bit of the app. It boasts a powerful editing area that lets you annotate images without the use of any third-party apps. The main interface of the app comprises of a small console that carries a handful of buttons at the top. The application allows capturing screenshots in multitude of ways. The available options includes grabbing single or all screens, a window, a region or freehand area. You can select your desired capture mode from the drop-down menu, quick controls at the top, or via the hotkeys. That said, you can also specify the output folder for the captured shots, and choose to copy them to clipboard if you want. In a nutshell, HotShots gives you full flexibility and control regarding where you want the final output to go.


The ‘Grab Region’ option is quite handy to capture any part of the screen. The application also displays a zoomed-in view next to the capture region to provide you with better precision and control over your selection.


The captured image can be saved straight to the local drive, copied to clipboard, uploaded to image sharing sites or your web storage via FTP, or just opened in the tool’s editing window. Speaking of the snapshot editor, it allows you to add shapes, text, colors, lines and curves to the images. The tools palette on the left gives you many different options to play with. You can also superimpose another image over the actual shot.  The editing window also carries the same upload and save options you will find in the main application window. For instance, you can upload the image to the cloud straight from here after editing, if you wish; just makes sure you select the appropriate server in the Preferences window first.

Snapshot editor  - 1920x1080

All you have to do is head to Network tab in the Preferences window and select your desired upload option, which includes FTP, Freeimagehosting, Imgur, Imageshack and CanardPC. You can also choose to setup Proxy settings from here if you need. Besides network related option, the Preferences section also houses a few other user configurable parameters under Startup, Snapshot and Hotkeys tab.


So if you’re looking for a feature-rich screenshot capturing tool for Windows that comes packaged with plenty of perks, HotShots is definitely worth a shot. Testing of the tool was carried out on Windows 8 Pro, 64 bit.

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