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iOS 5-Notification-Banner-Swipe-To-Close-Dismiss Truly a LOL moment, indeed, if you ask us. Earlier we covered NCQucikDismiss, a nifty Cydia tweak that let you dismiss the banner notifications in iOS 5 quickly, by tapping the close button. Of course, if your iOS 5 device was not Jailbroken, this solution was not meant for you. Well, looks like Apple already had a solution in place that most did not figure out. Thanks to our friends over at iDownloadBlog, we now know exactly how to dismiss the banner quickly, without the need of jailbreaking our iOS device. Read on for more on how to do so.

Next time you see the notification banner, try swiping on it to the left, and voila, it will fade away. We tried it, and it actually did work without any issue whatsoever. However, there are reports of some people being unable to do so, but it does work as a video below, courtesy of iDownloadBlog shows.

Swipe to Dismiss Banner Notifications in iOS 5.

As for the Cydia tweak, if you are jailbroken, you still might find the close button more convenient, which also works for the Notification Center as well. Swiping is not exactly the choice of interface for everyone when it comes to things like these. Let us know if you prefer the swipe over a neat close button, or, for what it’s worth, did this swipe technique work for you?

[via iDownloadBlog]

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