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We’ve covered quite a few really good text editors in the past. ModernNote, for example, is a feature-rich Windows 8 modern UI app with quite a minimal design, and NeechPad is a great a overhaul of Windows’ native Notepad app. Continuing this lineage of worthy text editors is YNote Classic, a Windows app with tabbed and multiple documents view, intelligent syntax editing, auto-indent, auto-completion and code-folding – features that aren’t found in many minimal text editors. The app has the potential to become your next go-to text editor, especially since it can highlight any language using Regular Expressions, as well as handle files with hundreds of thousands of lines of code quite adeptly, thanks to its File Binding Mode.

YNote Classic has a very usable interface. From the buttons on the toolbar, you can create a new text document; clicking the ‘New’ button will open a new tab, and the ‘Open’ button will load a file already stored on your computer. Alternatively, you can drag and drop files directly into the interface to open them in a new tab. A few other common editing buttons are present too; if you want more detailed editing functions, and see their shortcuts, you can try the Edit menu.

SS Ynote Classic for Windows

From the View menu, you can perform functions like showing hidden characters, checking out a document summary, viewing clipboard History and Plug in Tree, as well as enabling the Column Selection Mode. A nice feature is that you can make the app’s user interface transparent as well, by clicking Tansparent UI. Additional themes are also supported.

SS Ynote Classic Transparent

The text editor supports syntax highlighting and code folding for several languages, which you can access from the Language drop-down menu. You can encode in UTF8 without BOM, Unicode Big Endian without BOM, and quite a few other encodings. Powerful Find and Replace options are also present, with RegEx support.

Full sessions of multiple documents can be saved for opening later, which is very useful when working on projects containing multiple files. Macro recording and playback lets you easily automate complex repetitive tasks, boosting productivity. The app supports unlimited multi-level undo and redo and if that’s not all, its features can be further extended with plug-ins as well.

Since YNote is open-source, anyone with coding experience can modify the source code as per their needs, and programmers can also submit their own Syntax Highlighting files for others to use.

YNote is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Testing of the program was carried out on a Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit machine.

Download YNote Classic

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