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iOS doesn’t have any widget APIs for developers to use to build their own widgets, but that isn’t much of a problem if your device is jailbroken, as there are dozens of capable widgets to choose from under alternative app store Cydia. Today, we came across a nifty new widget for iOS Notification Center called Overview that will make you slightly more productive. Check it out after the jump!

Developed by Alan Yip, the same talented jailbreak tweak developer that brought you the excellent Tap To Widgets, Overview is a powerful widget that allows you to manage your email, reminders and calendar events from the Notification Center.

The widget consists of two parts. There’s a digital clock on the left, and an items view on the right. You can swipe through the items view to see your latest emails, upcoming reminders and calendar events. Tapping on an item allows you to archive, mark as read/complete, and delete it without ever launching the respective app.

Overview-iPhone-Cydia-tweak_  Overview-Mail-Mark-As-Delete-shortcuts_Overview-Mail-Reminder-Calendar-shortcuts_

If you do feel the need to go into the Mail, Reminders or Calendar app, you do actually have the option of tapping and holding the item to launch the respective app. We liked how it opens up to the item’s page in the app, instead of just lazily launching the app. If the latter is what you’re looking for, simply double-tap the clock and plain shortcuts to all three apps will be revealed to the right.

Overview-Calendar-events  Overview-Reminders  Overview-iOS-Cydia-tweak-Mail

One last feature: you can get sort of a bird’s eye view of all your items by tapping the digital clock, which expands the item view to show multiple items. There are plenty of customization options available for adjusting the number of items on display, which events to display, what order to display the items in and more, all of which are available from the Settings app.

Overview-iOS-settings  Overview-and-Tap-to-Widgets

But that’s not all! Overview integrates really well with Tap To Widgets. If you have both installed, you can add a reminder, calendar event or note, or send out a tweet all from within the Overview widget. Once again, simply double-tap the clock to view the shortcuts on the right.

The idea is great on its own, but it is the execution that really leaves us impressed. Overview is a well-made productivity widget that deserves your attention. It goes without saying, but you will need to jailbreak your iOS device before you can go around installing Overview. You may follow our guide on how to jailbreak iOS 6 with evasi0n for this purpose.

Overview is available for $1.99 from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. If you do give it a whirl, let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment below.

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