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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss Vine for Android, Bing Translator for Windows 8 and RT, a super-secure web browser for Windows by Bitdefender, a tweak for enabling push Gmail on iOS Mail and a couple of exciting Windows Phone apps, among other excellent apps and tips.

Twitter’s Video Sharing App Vine Now Available For Android

Vine-for-Android-home  Vine-for-Android-Explore-section

Popular short video-sharing social network Vine has made its way to Android. Save for a few shortcomings, like the lack of a search option in the Explore section, it works exactly like its iOS counterpart while adhering to Android’s Holo UI design guidelines.

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Bitdefender Launches Safepay: A Super-Secure Browser For Sensitive Online Activity

Birdefender Safepay

Firefox and Chrome are quite safe on their own, but if you want to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of your online activity and financial transactions (banking, ecommerce), you should check out Bitdefender’s new “Safepay” browser. Currently in beta, the browser uses “state-of-the-art” cloud tech to prevent phishing, fraud and malware, protects browsing on unsecured WiFi networks, and even integrates with your own antivirus to provide top-notch security while surfing online.

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Bing Translator Now Available For Windows 8 And RT


Google Translate is considered the best, free translation software today, but you should know that Microsoft’s “Bing Translator” that works just as well. They have just released a Windows 8 / RT version of it that allows translation of not just text input, but also through camera, showing results in augmented reality.

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Capture, Combine And Upload Videos & Screencasts For Free With Adobe Presenter Video Express For OS X


We’ve seen our fair share of screencasting tools for desktop platforms. Most of them come with a high price, but Adobe’s Presenter Video Express is, thankfully, free. It is certainly not the best tool for the job, but at its price it will keep novice screencasters happy.

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Ryan Petrich’s Flipswitch Is A Gesture-Driven Toggles System For The Jailbroken iPhone

SwitchIcons iOS SpringBoard

Ryan Petrich’s FlipSwitch is a new Activator-based, gesture-triggered toggle system for jailbroken user. Not only does it allow triggering a bunch of system actions (like toggling WiFi, Bluetooth, Location Services, Silent Mode, Respring, Flashlight, etc.) from anywhere in the OS, it can employ add-ons to extend its functionality. SwitchIcons, created by the dev himself, is the first Cydia tweak to take advantage of this system. It allows you to place icons for these settings right on your homescreen.

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Batch Download & Install Popular OS X Apps With Get Mac Apps

Get Mac Apps

I am a big fan of Ninite on Windows. Select from a popular list of apps, press Start, and the app automatically downloads and installs the latest versions of said apps in one go. OS X has now received a similar tool in the form of Get Mac Apps.

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Bolster Windows Phone 8’s Native Voice Commands With Voice Butler

Voice Butler WP8 TellMe  Voice Butler WP8 Rain  Voice Butler WP8 Battery

Windows Phone isn’t the best at voice assistants, but the new Voice Butler really helps reduce the gap between WP8’s TellMe and Android’s Google Now. It allows you to toggle system settings, control the camera, and set alarms, timers and reminders, with minimal tapping and… maximum speaking.

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Re-enable Push Notifications For Gmail In Stock iOS Mail App With This Tweak

Push for Gmail iOS Settings

There are hundreds upon thousands of people who simply do not like the way Gmail for iOS lacks support for a unified inbox, so they prefer the stock Mail app. A few months ago, Google turned off push notifications for the stock iOS Mail app in an attempt to get more people to use their official app. Well, this not a problem if you have a jailbroken iOS device, as all you need to do is install Push for Gmail from Cydia to get your push notifications back.

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This App Is The Closest Thing To An Official Gmail Client For Windows Phone 8

Gmail WP8 Home  Gmail WP8 Options  Gmail WP8 Labels

Google has officially stated in the past that they aren’t interesting in developing native apps for Windows Phone, so if you’re a Gmail user, you have no real option except to use the stock Windows Phone email app. Not anymore though, as an unofficial Gmail app has been launched on the store that allows you to use Gmail-only email features on your Windows Phone.

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AltKeyboard Adds Quick Gestures For Symbols And Uppercase Letters On Stock iPhone Keyboard

AltKeyboard iOS Settings  AltKeyboard iOS

If, dear reader, you are a fan of punctuating things you write on your phone – avoiding the “short text” way of typing; popular among teenagers – and are in possession of a jailbroken iOS device, you should definitely have a look at AltKeyboard. It adds symbols on top of the virtual keys, so you can swipe the flick up (or slide up) to input symbols – no need to shift to the symbols keyboard again and again.

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Change Firefox Download Panel’s Height, Number Of Items And More With This Add-On

A changed download panel

Mozilla introduced a new Downloads panel in the latest version of Firefox. Though it has been warmly welcomed by the community, it does lack some basic features that are set to be included in upcoming releases. For now though, if you have an issue with how the panel presents itself to you, you should check out the Download Panel Tweaks add-on.

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VSCO Cam Is A Flat-UI iPhone Camera App With Great Filters & Its Own Sharing Network

VSCO Cam iOS Menu  VSCO Cam iOS Camera  VSCO Cam iOS Filter

Getting ready for iOS 7? Well, if you want to get a feel for how it will look like (based on rumors and reports), you should check out VSCO Cam in all its flat design glory. The app is certainly much more than just a sample of how flat design works of course, as it comes with a nice set of editing and sharing options.

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