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VocalBee is a free location-based crowd-sourcing app for Android that helps users reach feasible solutions/answers for all queries that are either based around personal decision-making or aimed towards drawing attention of local government for its lack of support in your region. Using VocalBee, you may get timely and helpful answers to your questions and get useful feedbacks/ideas for literally any topic ranging from inquiring the quality of service in a nearby pub or feedback of the locals on a recently concluded event. While the app takes input from other VocalBee users to entertain your personal queries, any complaints raised against local government bodies are forwarded by VocalBee service to the concerned authorities. Whether it’s a limping billboard at the corner of your street, a malfunctioning traffic signal on the main road or any other issue that demands a swift response, VocalBee lets you raise your voice via its simple-to-use platform. More to follow.

Apps based on the concept of crowd-sourcing such as VocalBee, Localmind and others are amassing slowly but surely in the app stores of almost all the major mobile platforms. VocalBee uses GPS to determine your current location and displays all the various questions, answers and comments posted by local users under various tabs. You can either help others by answering their questions or post your own.


The app’s homescreen contains separate tabs for all the VocalBee Events, your private Messages, Wall, Places as well as Settings.

You can attach photos with any question that you wish to ask and express what you think about answers to others’ questions via votes and comments.


To post a question, just tap the plus (+) sign on the top of the app’s homescreen. If your query involves seeking some sort of response from other VocalBee users, such as getting an idea for your new hair makeover or feedback on your decision to root your Android device, then all you need to do is select the appropriate category (Idea, Question, Feedback), write down your question and finally, hit Submit.


If, however, your question is aimed at drawing the attention of some local body/business towards a rather serious issue, then just enter your preferred location (or use GPS to trace it automatically), pick a selected area of concern (sidewalk, sign post, street light or other), enter brief detail and wait for someone to respond to your query. All posts relating to the questions, ideas and/or feedback can be displayed as per selected filters under their respective tabs.


If used responsibly, VocalBee could actually prove to be helpful in resolving a long-unattended issue in your region.

The app is available in the Android Market. Download link and QR code of the app are provided below.

VocalBee For Android: Crowd-Sourced Answers, Feedback IdeasDownload VocalBee

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