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We might be a day too late for Halloween-related apps, but some goodies are just too good to pass no matter what the day or occasion is. Zombiematic Camera is an app which is a perfect solution for having fun with your friends’ or your own photos and creating some really cool horror pictures from them. The biggest plus point of this iOS app is that it is extremely easy to use and the entire editing process takes no more than a few seconds. You just have to see the results this app yields to believe how good it is.Zombiematic Camera 1

Since the app is named Zombiematic Camera, the primary mode of action is to snap a photo using the app’s own camera. However, there is an option to load an image of your choice from the Photos library. Once you snap a new picture or import one from the library, Zombiematic Camera will automatically detect the faces (called “victims”) in the photo and overlay each with a translucent skeletal mask. You can choose the faces you want to zombify by tapping on these masks.

Zombiematic Camera 2 You can rotate, pinch to resize and drag to adjust each mask over the victims face so that it is perfectly aligned before applying the final changes. Try to have the eyes of the mask and the face aligned perfectly and keep the mask within the contour of the face for best results. Once you are satisfied with the adjustments, hit Infect.

Zombiematic-Camera-Results-Filters Photo Effects
Now, the zombified version of your friends’ photo is ready, but you can make it even creepier by applying a spooky filter of your choice to the entire photo. In the free version of the app, only one filter is available (Sepia). There is a paid version of the app available on the App Store that comes packed with a few additional filters.

Once you tap Done, the app automatically saves the result to the Camera Roll and provides you with the option to share it over Facebook,  Twitter or Email. The entire process, from the capturing/importing of the photo to the final result does not take a lot of time unless you have more than just a few faces in the selected/captured photo.

The free version of the app is pretty sufficient but if you want the complete set of photo effects to compliment the horror, you will have to pay $0.99. Links to the App Store pages of both the free and paid version of Zombiematic Camera are provided below.

Editor’s note:We challenge you to guess which team member of ours has been ‘zombified’ in the screenshot!

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