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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss the Chromium-powered preview of Opera 15, an account-less to-do list sharing web app, a Chat Heads-like floating notification system for Android, an excellent anti-tracking add-on for your browser and a new media manager for Windows, among other excellent apps and tips.

Hands-On With The Chromium-Powered Opera Next 15 For Windows & Mac


After struggling to gain significant traction on the desktop with earlier versions of their browser, Opera has decided to shift to a Chromium base with Opera 15. Chromium, by the way, is the same open source web browser project that Google uses to power Chrome.

Opera Next 15, with its tweaked user interface, supercharged Speed Dial, and the new Discover feature, is a public preview of the future of the Opera browser, and we like it.

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Imgur Official App For Android Now Available In All Countries

Imgur gallery  Imgur image viewer

Did you know? has more monthly traffic than Most redditors are not aware of this, but a large number of people use Imgur’s popular images feed (which is based off Reddit) for seeing the day’s most viral images. And now, with their initially region-restricted Android app available in all countries, more users can enjoy it on the go.

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How To Enable, Disable & Use The New Gmail Tabbed Inbox

move messages

Gmail recently announced a new tabbed inbox feature that divides emails into primary, social, promotions, updates, and forums. It is being slowly rolled out to users, and you might already have access to it. This post covers how to enable and disable the new interface, and use it to organize your inbox.

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Learn Italian, Portuguese, French On The Go With Duolingo For Android

Duolingo Sign up  Duolingo Main  Wrong

You can certainly get by with speaking, reading and writing in English, but learning another language gives you an edge. Popular web-based language learning app Duolingo now has an Android app for learning Spanish, German, French etc. on the go, and in a unique, fun way.

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Record System Or Mic Sound From The Web With Free Online Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder Record

Apowersoft’s Free Online Audio Recorder is an excellent tool for recording system sound or mic input. It can serve well as a way for recording music from YouTube, Spotify or any of the hundreds of online music streaming services that don’t allow direct downloads.

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Get Chat Heads-Like Alerts For All Apps In Android With Floating Notifications

Floating Notifications 02  Floating Notifications 04

Facebook’s Chat Head feature has inspired developers to come up with solutions for displaying incoming notifications for other apps. One such solution, Floating Notifications for Android, works with all your apps, displaying their notifications in a style almost exactly like Chat Heads. It’s in alpha at the moment, so you might come across a few bugs.

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Flask Lets You Create Shareable To-Do Lists Without Signing Up For An Account


If you suddenly feel the need to create a to-do list, but don’t want to go through all the steps of signing up for an account and installing an app on your device, Flask is the way to go! It allows you save to-do lists without an account, mark them as done, sort them, and share them with other people.

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FrontFlash For iPhone Adds A “Flash” For Taking Better Self Portraits In Low Light

FrontFlash Cydia  FrontFlash Settings

Camera+ for iOS introduced an interesting Front Flash feature with their v3.6 update late last year that would maximize display brightness and turn it completely white before taking a photo with the front facing camera. Now, a jailbreak developer has come up with a similar, free tweak for the stock Camera app.

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Apply Windows Updates To Multiple PCs From A USB Drive While Offline Using Portable Update

History - Portable Update

Installing Windows Updates to your PC without an internet connection is a possibility! All you need to do is download the update(s) to your USB, have Portable Update work its magic and plug it in to another PC to install it offline.

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Set Firefox To Automatically Delete Site Cookies & Trackers On Tab Or Browser Close With This Add-On

Best Apps, Tips Tweaks Of The Week [06.02.2013]

Companies like Facebook and Google use browser cookies to track your web surfing habits even when you aren’t actively using their website. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can use the Self-Destructing Cookies add-on for Firefox, which destroys cookies for sites of your choice as you soon as you close their tabs or the entire browser itself.

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Stream Radio, Music TV Channels, Subscribe To Podcasts & Listen To Your Local Music Library With The Amazing Audials Light

Audials Light Search

Audials Light isn’t your average media center app. It wraps an excellent podcast manager, radio and music TV streamer and an iTunes-like jukebox in an elegant user interface that is sure to impress!

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Get RSS Feeds, Clock & Weather Info On Chrome’s New Tab Page With Fruumo


Google Chrome’s native new tab page is focused solely on your most visited websites that, frankly speaking, is just the way I like it, but if you are looking for more information to be there, presented in an elegant manner, give Fruumo a try.

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Disconnect Blocks Advertising & Analytics Companies From Tracking Your Activities Online, Saves Bandwidth

Disconnect Chrome

Disconnect is considered by many to be the best anti-tracking add-on for the modern browser. It blocks advertising and analytics companies from logging your activities and social networks from displaying annoying widgets. It also comes with a secure WiFi feature to prevent sidejacking. Highly recommended!

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Access All Files On Your Mac Remotely And Push Them To Dropbox With Spotdox

spotdox files  spotdox move

With cloud-syncing services like Dropbox, you don’t need to worry about physically carrying your data as everything is available as long as you have a web browser and internet access. Of course, this only works if you remember to place said data in your Dropbox folder before heading out. For those moments when you’re a little forgetful, you can use Spotdox’s web app to quickly, remotely push a file from your Mac to your Dropbox.

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