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If you are looking for Facebook Status update with SMS then your search ends here. You will be able to update the Facebook Status from your INBOX , Facebook status messages, SMS Facebook status, mobile Facebook status, love Facebook status, cute love Facebook status text and funny Facebook status SMS related messages here. Just read the full collection of Facebook Status Messages.

Soical Texts is the app which is providing you the power to update you the Facebook status update from your messages, Social texts is totally free and has no adds Yes off course we are coming up with Social Texts Pro with added features, But still the mail functionality is already covered and if you feel like you want to go for more social texts features than you can wait for some time and we will update soon.

Social texts is simple and elegant, We have emphasized more on functionality so it would be very easy for all of you to update your Facebook status with you SMS.

Soical texts is developed mainly my Mitul Nakum. We also have a group called Pro idea Club
The main developers are
Mitul Nakum
Sanjay Patel
Pravin Dodia

The Best way to Update your Facebook Status with your SMS is Social Texts
In Simple words we can call this app as SMS to Facebook for free :)




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